Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First week with Elder Elton

So this week was awesome!

Tuesday: Left Silver City to go to Lordsburg to pick up Elder Elton. We then shopped, took care of emailing, and unpacked some of his stuff. We ran some errands then went on splits with the Elders Quorum to visit some less actives. It went really well then we were taken out for ice cream. We went to bed a little later because we started planning for our zone meeting tomorrow. Elder Elton is super cool! He is from New Jersey and went to a little of BYU-I before coming out. He and I entered the field at the same time. He is really energetic and is a really good missionary.

Wednesday: Crazy morning! We finished planning and went to set up the church. We had a pretty good zone meeting! People were not being very responsive. Then, as we got closer to the end, people were just checked out on their iPads. We trained on effective councils, 3 things every new member needs, and then some follow up from the last meeting. We cleaned up then had a lesson with Miguel, a recent convert. He is super cool and super funny! Elder Tyler said that he and I have the same personality and are basically the same person. Miguel and I get along great. We say that we are the same except he is 16, Mexican, and has a mustache, then I am white, 19, and I shave every day. We ate dinner with a member family and that went a little late but we only had a little time so we went home to let Elder Elton unpack a little more. We then visited a less active young man and talked about the scriptures. We then took Miguel with us and visited Daniel and Manely. Interesting lesson! Manely's aunt was there and we taught her! Daniel and Manely were both offering their testimonies!!! It was so cool to see! The lesson went well but the aunt was not interested.

Thursday: Studies! Finally able to do all 3 hours of studies! We then spent some time to search the directory for a sure less active list and a list of potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders. We tried referrals and less actives. We met one man on our list but he no longer has a testimony of he church, the Book of Mormon, or prophets. He also has no desire to return to church. We did however have a good time reading the Book of Mormon with one of the main less actives we were working with. His name is also Miguel. He is doing well! We then took a nice trip to Duncan AZ to give a baptismal interview. The elders there bought us a nice dinner! Then we drove back home and finished our day.

Friday: Studies then we went and did service by picking sweet peas for a member in their garden/field. We then had a nice lesson with a caretaker we met named Elva. We brought Miguel Lopez and he was able to bear great testimony. She needs to be taught by English missionaries though so... We then had a lesson with Miguel at the church about a chapter in Preach My Gospel. He is super cool and preparing to go on a mission in like 2 years. Again, he is 16 and has been a member since October. We then gave the Hermanas a blessing. They are dealing with a lot of stress. We were about to visit Oscar, the less active young man, and read more in the scriptures. We are trying to get him over a fear about coming to church. Dinner then on to the less active hunt. We found some potential investigators for the English Elders then we tried to do a pass off lesson with DJ but he wasn't home. We were able to have a nice lesson with Daniel and Manely and talk about setting a new baptismal date. The are praying about it.

Saturday: Studies then a long, but great quality weekly planning. We had to stop at 5 to go to dinner but we weren't finished. We did take a break in the middle and got a treat at Sonic. Dinner then some knocking of a trailer park. No answers. Daniel and Maneli canceled because they went to Phoenix. So we went to a complex to go finding. We were able to talk to a man that lives with a referral and se up a return appointment! Then we met this woman with her 2 daughters and had a little doorstep lesson with her! She seems super solid! It was a good "11th Hour" miracle.

Sunday: Some studies then to an appointment. We brought a member and tried some potentials butt none answered. We finished some weekly planning then went to church. Church was really good! I learned a ton about having more faith and acting on that faith. Later, Miguel Lopez taught a lesson about maintaining our worthiness and priesthood power. We tried some less actives because dinner was changed. The less actives were not home but we et a neighbor, taught her a lesson, and set a return appointment! Dinner was good and we had to leave for an appointment that fell through with the woman we met last night. We haven't lost faith in her yet. We checked up on the YSA Devotional/Fireside/Spiritual thought thing tonight then went to give a woman a blessing with a YSA guy. His grandmother did not want the blessing at this time though. It was a struggle day aside from church, but a great day.

This week was great and Elder Elton and I get along super well! We have seen a ton of miracles this week. Following counsel we received, we are praying fervently before each lesson and praying fervently in gratitude after each lesson. It is such a big difference! Elder Elton and I are also starting things to make us better missionaries, teachers, and people.

Have a great week,

Elder Dallin Baker

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