Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dr. Elder Baker

So to address the subject line, I am Dr. Elder Baker. My companions have both been sick and other missionaries in my district have been sick. When I was with other companions they would get sick too. I have only been sick once. But I have kind of been a doctor recently and now my mission president's wife probably thinks of me as a field assistant. On Saturday, Elder Chinas was very sick. We had to stay home all day. I called Sister Passey, MPW, to get advice and update her on the situation. She thanked me for holding down the fort in my area and being a good doctor. I just like to use experience, Boy Scout Training, Knowledge from Anatomy class, and logic. That is my basis of my medical practice. I basically give out Ibuprofen and Tums. Occasionally, like with Elder Teio, I wrap wounds. If you are lost on that comment look at the email about the home operation we did a while ago.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorry this is late, ran out of time...

So this week on Thursday I was asked to give a talk in my new branch! I was super excited and prepared a great talk! But then on Saturday they canceled on me because they wanted to give the opportunity for members to give their testimonies. Many families went to the Temple and were seled for time and all eternity. I was more than willing to give them that opportunity to share their wonderful spiritual experiences!

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Daily Drive

So in this area I am the only "Green Dot" missionary. So that means I do all the driving. I love driving! But sometimes I need to take a little break.

So last night we were coming out of our dinner and we needed to give something from the trunk to the Sisters in our branch. I then put my bag in the trunk and closed it. I then screamed and yelled. My companions asked why. I had left the keys in the pocket of my bag. Which was now in the trunk. Of the locked car. Crap. So we tried calling a bunch of people and President was so kind and loving to drive to the Mission Office to get the spare key and come and unlock the car for us! We did, in the meantime, get to enjoy the beautiful sunset!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Area #2! Sonora Branch! And a baby! Training!

So the big news! I got transferred!
I am now in the Sonora Branch in the Tucson Stake.

Also, I have a new companion situation.
I AM TRAINING!!!! I am in a trio again. My companions are Elder Ryum (Silent R), he is from South Korea but grew up in the US and is from Maryland, and the very new missionary, Elder ChiƱas, he is from Virginia, he was born in Mexico and was raised state-side.