Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorry this is late, ran out of time...

So this week on Thursday I was asked to give a talk in my new branch! I was super excited and prepared a great talk! But then on Saturday they canceled on me because they wanted to give the opportunity for members to give their testimonies. Many families went to the Temple and were seled for time and all eternity. I was more than willing to give them that opportunity to share their wonderful spiritual experiences!

So on Wednesday we had dinner and a lesson with our investigator Carlos. He wants to take a break from us for a bit so we had to make a last stand to see if we can keep him going. I felt the Spirit so strong and we shared powerful scriptures! We talked about how he has heard testimonies from missionaries for a very long time and now is the time to decide to be baptized I knew that I felt the Spirit because there was a great fire within me! It was an amazing feeling! I also knew that he felt it but he just needs some time.

Also, on Wednesday nights we play soccer with members from our branch and some nonmember friends. It is usually really fun and a great time but one friend got really mad and made a big deal about something and stormed out and broke the door. We let things calm down then continued playing. It was really interesting.

On Thursday night we had a good experience with the YM. We all prepared things to tell the YM about missions. Only one YM showed up. Then we heard the amazing conversion story of Bro. Jones. The Spirit was SO strong! Elders walked in late and they said they could feel the Spirit right when they walked in, it hit them like a wall. We then all shared some parts of our personal conversion story.

During the week we met Bill. He is a member of the Church and had been his whole life! His wife was a member but is no longer. He has been going to her church to keep peace in the home. After we visited the Spirit touched his heart and now he wants to come back to church!

Training is still a ton of fun and always a learning experience!

We also met this man named J on Sunday night as we were knocking in a complex. He invited us in and then proceeded to talk about crazy people in his complex, his conversations with the police, the preacher in his complex with a congregation of 3 people and he teaches and acts out the stories, he gave us the full rundown of this supernatural/spirit/ghost episode of CSI:Miami. He also proceeded to tell us about interesting people he has encountered recently.  Then he stopped talking, said that he had to go to the bathroom. I tried to ask his name but all I heard were the horrible sounds coming from the bathroom. He also left the bathroom door open... And that was my Sunday night.

Sorry it was late. Hope all are well!


Elder Dallin Baker

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