Monday, February 9, 2015

The Daily Drive

So in this area I am the only "Green Dot" missionary. So that means I do all the driving. I love driving! But sometimes I need to take a little break.

So last night we were coming out of our dinner and we needed to give something from the trunk to the Sisters in our branch. I then put my bag in the trunk and closed it. I then screamed and yelled. My companions asked why. I had left the keys in the pocket of my bag. Which was now in the trunk. Of the locked car. Crap. So we tried calling a bunch of people and President was so kind and loving to drive to the Mission Office to get the spare key and come and unlock the car for us! We did, in the meantime, get to enjoy the beautiful sunset!

So my son, Elder Chiñas is awesome! He has such a great desire to serve! He is being trained well, we hope, and is really adapting and adjusting to missionary life!

Elder Ryum is a great trainer companion! He is amazing as well! He provides more tactics and training where I fall short. From this experience I know that I want to have a wife when I have kids. I can't do it by myself.

We are teaching this son and mom named Josh and Karla. We are meeting with them tonight but we were only able to meet with Josh over this past week. We sat at a table in his complex and read from the Book of Mormon. We were just talking before we started reading and he had a little football. When we started reading he put it to the side. He said, "I want to read first, then we can play." We just about died out of surprise that a football-loving 10 year old just said that!

Training is tough but I love it! I know that I wouldnt be able to do it myself! I love the help I receive from the Lord and from my companion Elder Ryum. It also helps that Elder Chiñas is basically pre-trained!

Last week we had a very interesting lesson with a man named Carlos. He said that he needed some time and some space because things were getting tough. We understood because he wasnt progressing and before we left we gave him a blessing. We left with a great feeling of the Spirit.

On Saturday we got a referral from a member for a less active family that is moving from the English Ward into the Spanish Branch. Not all of her kids are baptized though. We stopped by last night and she let us in, told us her conversion story, and we are going back tonight to teach an awesome Family Home Evening!

We are going to a gym almost every morning. We went once since I got here but we are going to be going more often! I am also trying this stuff called Herbalife. I replace my breakfast and lunch with a shake. So prepare yourselves now because when I come home I am going to be looking like Captain America!

This week was also a great test of faith! I was feeling down and started questioning my faith because I wasnt seeing the success I wanted for Elder Chiñas' first week. As I really started questioning my faith we began to see more miracles! I know that the Lord answered my prayers and blessed us with those miracles. The Lord will not forget you! I know that the Lord knows me and he wants to help me! I was in need and he helped me!


Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Greg Davis2/10/2015

    My first day driving in Mexico City was crazy-got into 3 fender-benders! Guess it got easier after that! Exito!