Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dr. Elder Baker

So to address the subject line, I am Dr. Elder Baker. My companions have both been sick and other missionaries in my district have been sick. When I was with other companions they would get sick too. I have only been sick once. But I have kind of been a doctor recently and now my mission president's wife probably thinks of me as a field assistant. On Saturday, Elder Chinas was very sick. We had to stay home all day. I called Sister Passey, MPW, to get advice and update her on the situation. She thanked me for holding down the fort in my area and being a good doctor. I just like to use experience, Boy Scout Training, Knowledge from Anatomy class, and logic. That is my basis of my medical practice. I basically give out Ibuprofen and Tums. Occasionally, like with Elder Teio, I wrap wounds. If you are lost on that comment look at the email about the home operation we did a while ago.

Yeah so we were home all day Saturday and we have had to take some minor breaks with all the sicknesses that my companions have had.

On Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Velazquez Guerrero. He is being trained by another missionary in my district. He was actually Elder Chinas' MTC companion! We had a great time getting to know each other but we also had an awesome day doing work together! We work really well together. Our planned lessons fell through but we did some finding. We were knocking some doors to no avail but then a lady answered and seemed interested. A few moments later a woman came up saying, "Doctor said I have 3 weeks to live! I'm saying goodbye to all my friends!" We were shocked and Elder V asked if we could pray with her. By this time we had finished talking to the lady that was interested. So this new lady, the lady that has Cancer, we will call her June. I dont remember her name at the moment, I think I am getting sick and I am super hungry at the moment. I just know that her name is not "AHGHGHGHGHGHG." That is the suggestion my stomach is giving but I will not fall to peer pressure. Anyway, June. So we pray with her and she thanks us. She tells us that she knows she will live longer. And even if she dies she has served God her whole life. She does not fear death. She said that she really appreciates what we are doing as missionaries and how we are helping and serving people. She gave us many compliments then had to leave. After talking with June and saying goodbye, we met Jesus. He was sitting on his doorstep looking pretty sad. As we walked up, he perked up and started to show a smile. We began to talk. He has had a lot of gospel related questions in his life. He was very interested in the Restoration, which we taught him. He felt good, accepted a Book of Mormon and a return appointment. He is searching for happiness and peace in his life and this is where he can find it. Thursday was amazing and I felt the Spirit with me the whole day especially in the lessons we taught to Jesus and a less active member and the visit we had with June.

Oh! By the way! I hit my 6 month mark on Feb 20th!

Earlier on in the week we had some awesome experiences finding! We were knocking apartment complexes and we got a lot of potentials! I hope they pan out as we work with them and as we work with the investigators we have all ready.

On Thursday we did a Blitz in the Sister's area to help them out. I was with another missionary, my district leader. He had some success but the best was right before we finished. We found a family! We talked a little about the Plan of Salvation and they were interested! It was so awesome and we were happy to find someone for the Sisters.

I am definitely feeling and recognizing the Spirit more. It is helping that I am trapped in the scriptures. I am truly caught. In a good way. I love reading them every morning, especially the Book of Mormon. Everything is making so much more sense and I am learning a ton more!

Last night we had dinner at a member's home. His brother-in-law is not a member and he stopped by to eat with his best friend and a new friend we have never met. This new friend is named Javier. As we sat down to eat, I noticed that Javier was looking at the Book of Mormon that a missionary placed on the counter. I felt I should talk to him but we had all just started eating. After dinner I noticed he was still looking through it. I walked over and taught him about the Book of Mormon. He was very interested! Then the member, he is the branch secretary, stepped over and started helping me teach! It was an amazing moment that would not had happened had I not opened my mouth and followed the impressions from the Spirit! The only bad part, he lives in the other Elder's area and he will be taught by them. But it is okay, we are all on the same team...

Hope all is well! Pictures will come soon, I just need to take more!


Elder Dallin Baker

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