Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prayers, Bonita, and Member Present Lessons

This week was really good! We saw almost all our investigators and less actives! We are also looking up some more less active men to build the priesthood strength of the ward. This week we also took a lot of members out with us so we had a ton of member present lessons! 

Prayers: This week we prayed a ton for the families that we are teaching and that they will be able to come to church. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cows, Rain, and Random Caller

Willcox is still awesome and getting better everyday! We found and started teaching this great family and they are the most prepared people I have ever met!

Perras Flacas Discoveries: This week on "Perras Flacas Discoveries" we discovered a nice "decoration" in a chair next to the door of a trailer. Picture of the doll will be included below. Also, for the second discovery, the body of some toy made to look like an animal! This was found in a former investigator's yard. The best thing is if you look in the background you will see that he used a couple doors as parts of his DIY fence. Picture of this double feature included below. 

The Heat, The Temple, and The People

Oh Arizona... You are so crazy. It is getting into the 100* this week. It is SO CRAZY HOT HERE IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY! The breeze is even hot! 

The Temple: No pictures yet but we went to the Gila Valley Temple on Saturday! A member from Deming was going for the first time and we got to go! It was a Spanish session so that was cool! When you go to the temple you learn. You also perform sacred ordinances like baptisms for the dead, just like Christ taught. Dalia, the member, was getting what is called an endowment. It is basically a blessing from God of power. We are able to learn, be blessed, and learn the potential that we have as children of God. Elder Crofts and I found names through family history of relatives that have passed on where we were able to do all their work. We did baptisms, confirmations, then endowment. It was a great experience to do it all in one day at one time. 

Identifying and Removing Walls

Hey guys! A bit of a rough week but thats when you learn and grow the most.

Orfilda and Artisema: We went on splits one night and Elder Crofts visited them with Hno and Hna Cuevas. It was a super good lesson! Then the other night we were talking about baptism and they were unsure. We asked if they have been reading and praying and they haven't. It is kind of annoying when we have really good powerful lessons with the Spirit then they don't read and pray!