Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cows, Rain, and Random Caller

Willcox is still awesome and getting better everyday! We found and started teaching this great family and they are the most prepared people I have ever met!

Perras Flacas Discoveries: This week on "Perras Flacas Discoveries" we discovered a nice "decoration" in a chair next to the door of a trailer. Picture of the doll will be included below. Also, for the second discovery, the body of some toy made to look like an animal! This was found in a former investigator's yard. The best thing is if you look in the background you will see that he used a couple doors as parts of his DIY fence. Picture of this double feature included below. 

The Mad Cow: Also, while knocking, we came across a mad cow! He was trying to escape and chase us down! Video included below. 

Bugs: So as it is getting hotter we are having to leave our swamp cooler on all day. So with outside being dry and hot, and the inside of our house being cool and humid, the bugs are moving in! So we bought some bug bombs (a bug fumigation thing) and set one off on Thursday. So Thursday night was a bit crazy! Lots of dead bugs. But then the ones that weren't killed were aggravated and came out from their deep hiding spots. Like the millipede that walked on my foot while I was sitting using the bathroom. Picture of dead millipede included below. 

The Rain: Rain has come! Members have been praying for rain for the crops and we have had a bit of rain during the week but it rained a little bit at different times throughout the day. 

The Random Caller: We got a call during a lesson and later a voicemail with only a voice saying "Hello?" We called back later and a lady answered and said that a man borrowed her phone to call us. He needed help putting up a roof because we offered service. We didn't remember the name or the need for help on a roof because we met him like my first week here!!! He was a guy that we were talking to and he like hallucinated that there were two more missionaries talking to him while we were. Turns out everyone here calls him "Brujo" which means wizard, shaman, or sorcerer. So we understand that he may be a bit crazy but we will get some people from the branch to help us with the roof. 

The Rodriguez Family: This is the family where we beat them playing soccer. We taught them the Restoration last week and it went super well! We also had a visit with them where we got to know them and we answered a ton of their questions. Then this week was great! This week we had a lesson where it was only the dad Jose, this wasn't on purpose it's just he was the only one home. We talked with him about our purpose and how to receive answers to prayers. Then on Thursday we had a super good lesson! We taught the Plan of Salvation and they loved it! We were reading scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon and they love reading the scriptures! They know the Book of Mormon is true and they love how it teaches so clearly. They had great questions. Then there was a branch dinner on Friday that they came to and we were able to give them a church tour, they love the church building now! So the family consists on Jose and Rubi, the parents; Cristela, the mother of Rubi; Alfredo, Rubi's brother; and the kids Reina, Jose, and William. 

Bejar Family: Orfilda came to church! And what is really good is that we are having better contact with her husband Juan and her daughter Erica. Juan has been sitting in on lessons more and he knows and understands a lot! Orfilda really loved church today and it should boost her in progression. 

Artisema: She and her kids are doing really well! They came to church too! She just needs to keep praying and reading!

So please pray for these families:
- Rodriguez family
- Bejar family
- Figueroa family
- Rueda family

Have a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

1. The Doll
2. Body and doors
3. Mad Cow video
4. Millipede

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