Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prayers, Bonita, and Member Present Lessons

This week was really good! We saw almost all our investigators and less actives! We are also looking up some more less active men to build the priesthood strength of the ward. This week we also took a lot of members out with us so we had a ton of member present lessons! 

Prayers: This week we prayed a ton for the families that we are teaching and that they will be able to come to church. 

Bonita: We went up to Bonita 2 times this week! Bonita is a little ranching town and we spent 30 mins on dirt roads to get there. It looks nothing like the rest of this valley. 

Hno Hielo: He is a recent convert and he loves to go out with us! He is taking us to all his friends and we are starting to teach them! He came out with us 2 times this week and he is super awesome! 

David Hielo: He is the son of Hno Hielo. David was baptized a while ago and he just graduated from high school. He is getting ready for a mission but has to have shoulder surgery first. He spent all of Saturday with us! He was great and it was like the best day ever! We had 9 lessons and nothing fell through! 

Jesus Leon: He is a friend of Hno Hielo. He is really cool and we have only had one lesson with him. We set a baptismal date. We will see as we teach him more. 

Rodriguez Family: They went to Mexico later in the week so we were only able to have one lesson with them. We read 2 Nephi 29 and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon with them and they liked it a lot and are understanding a ton! Also on Monday we were able to have a Family Home Evening with them and watch the Joseph Smith video. They loved it and loved talking to the Cuevas about the gospel and the Church. 

Bejar Family: Not much contact this week but they are doing well. We are trying to get Juan more involved. 

Rueda Family: Artisema loves coming to church! Sunday night her son Iker was playing on the trampoline and broke his leg! When we saw them on Tuesday we gave him a blessing. He is doing better now but its tough to watch a 2 year old just sit with a big yellow cast. 

Walking Day: Wednesday was a good walking day. We walked every street in Perras Flacas and we had to speed walk to our lesson! Then it fell through and we were left with sore calves. 

This week was pretty good! We had a lot of lessons. Sorry this is a pretty skimpy email. We are just doing everything we can to get those we are teaching to read, pray, and come to church. Please keep praying for them! 

Elder Dallin Baker

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