Monday, December 29, 2014


So my first Christmas away from home was pretty good!
As a District, 5 Elders and 2 Sisters, we went to the Branch building to open gifts together. Then we read Christ's birth story from the Bible, then we all bore testimony of our knowledge that the Savior lives.

Later, we had 3 meals... So much good Mexican food! It was soooo much good food...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


So the biggest highlight of the week is MENUDO!
Menudo is a traditional Mexican holiday dish. It is similar to a chicken soup but instead of chicken it is cow stomach. I ate a bowl of Menudo at the Branch Christmas Party on Saturday!
Pic included

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poisoning, Coke, Guns, Wishes, and Bombs OH MY!

So this week I suffered from a little 24 Food Poisoning!
I think it was from a Cookie Dough Milkshake from Sonic.
Here is the story:
So Elder Teio, from Tahiti, had never had a Banana Split!
We took him to Sonic to fulfill that on Friday. I got a Cookie Dough Milkshake. We also had a bunch of Little Caesars Pizza on Friday
On Saturday I felt a little bad in the morning but went to the bathroom and felt better.
That night, walking up to an appointment after dinner, I felt really sick! They weren't home and I asked if we could go home because I felt sick.
If you dont know, I hate throwing up.
I told that to Elder Tyler and Teio.
About 30 mins later I was in the bathroom. Very sick. To keep this short, diarrhea and throwing up. No mess though!!
We asked our Sisters to bring us toilet paper and crackers and Gatorade. Kinda awkward!
Anyway, that was Saturday. Then Sunday I stayed home in the apartment with another missionary. I feel so much better now and am back to normal eating!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Cute Nose

So to start off I want to share an experience I had last night.

We were trying to drop off some borrowed items to a member in our complex. She wasnt home so we started walking back to our apartment. On the way we started talking to this woman that approached us. She is a Jehovah Witness who I will refer to as MH. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed really interested. She kinda sounded like she was talking in a flirty/innocent way with lots of giggles. The conversation ended with this:
Me:So will you read this chapter about Jesus Christ?
MH: Yes!
Me: Ok! And we will get that English Book of Mormon to you later.
MH: Elder Baker, you have a very cute nose!
Me: Thanks... Good night! (Walk away quickly)

Monday, December 1, 2014

I got fat this week!


So to start off I want to talk about Thanksgiving. Besides being an awesome day of gratitude it was a hefty one! English Elders invited us to join a dinner with their members. They were so nice and funny! They were also Polynesian. They cooked like Polynesians. They were roasting a pig, that was killed a couple hours before, as we walked onto their property! They had so much food! And they were not the wealthiest family. The sister had a firm testimony that if she did all she could and gave all she had to the missionaries, the Lord's representatives, that she would be blessed. It reminded me of the widow's mite. They were so kind and I know that they will be blessed! We also left with tons of leftovers!!