Monday, December 29, 2014


So my first Christmas away from home was pretty good!
As a District, 5 Elders and 2 Sisters, we went to the Branch building to open gifts together. Then we read Christ's birth story from the Bible, then we all bore testimony of our knowledge that the Savior lives.

Later, we had 3 meals... So much good Mexican food! It was soooo much good food...

During our first meal, I had the opportunity to call my family! It was so nice to hear their voices and to be able to talk with them, share inside jokes, hear more about their experiences, and share more of mine! Next phone call: Mother's Day.

This past week we also did a lot of caroling around in our area. My companionship, me and 2 other Elders, and the companionship of Sisters, 5 missionaries in total, went caroling to less active members, active members, investigators, and random doors. It was a great experience! Major success: given cookies from a family that we randomly knocked on. Major Failure: Lady told us to go away because she was tired, kids were asleep, and she was tired of hearing Christmas music.

Manuel is doing really well! He is really progressing and we will be teaching him more of the lessons. He is working to change his work schedule so that he can come to Church!

Lupita is amazing! We have been talking with her for a while and she would mostly talk about her problems and she wasnt progressing. We went to talk about expectations and intentions. She said that the Sister missionaries, the English ones that passed Lupita to us, said that, "You are here to teach me the Gospel and help me progress to be baptized." After we had a happy discussion with her and finished our visit. We called one of those Sister Missionaries and thanked her for being awesome!!!

Hilda and Jesus, and their daughter Hilda, are doing great! We found them a while ago while knocking. They were baptized into the Church years ago and moved here. When they moved here they couldnt find the Church so they went to a different church. Their daughter Hilda teaches a class at that church. The other night we were able to teach Hilda and Hilda about the Gospel of Jesus Christ right before young Hilda's pastor came to have a discussion with her.

So this next Sunday will be crazy.. we will have Church at 9 am...

Also, earlier in the week, we noticed we had a huge crack, that actually grew everyday, in our windshield! On Tuesday we went to get it fixed. While we waited, we walked around the block but the repair place was in a business park. No one was out walking around... So we went back and read from the Book of Mormon together and had a great discussion.

That is all for this week!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Elder Dallin James Baker

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