Tuesday, December 23, 2014


So the biggest highlight of the week is MENUDO!
Menudo is a traditional Mexican holiday dish. It is similar to a chicken soup but instead of chicken it is cow stomach. I ate a bowl of Menudo at the Branch Christmas Party on Saturday!
Pic included

So Tuesdays were Transfers and we received Elder Harper! He has 3 Transfers left and will most likely die in this area. He is awesome and He, Elder Teio, and I get along very well! Elder Harper and I have a similar humor so it is a ton of fun!

Also on Tuesday it was very crazy! When we picked up Harper, Teio went with the  Zone leaders to sports. Harper and I drove back home. Preface, I drove to the tranfer site (20 mins on the freeway), then to the office (10 Mins on the freeway), then back home (30 mins), then to the transfer site again, then back home. 1 hr 40 mins total. Then Elder Harper and I went to email for him then the store. When we were in the store we noticed Elder Teio had the phone. We walked out of the store at 4:30 freaking out because our dinner was 20 mins away at 5 and Teio way 15 mins away in the other direction! We then remembered that when we were in the store we saw our investigator Manuel, he works at Walmart. We ran back in, found him, and were about to ask to borrow his phone but then another worker was there. We didnt want to get Manuel in trouble so we used some  spy tactics and pretended to look at products while we waited for the other worker to walk by. We then got Manuel's phone, stepped away and called, so that we didnt call attention to him. We then got his phone back to him in a very sly manner. It was awesome! We then ran outside, got in the car, and met the zone leaders at an exit that was a halfway point to the stake center. We got our hostage, Elder Teio, and drove to dinner. We got there at 5:33. I hate being late!!!!

On Friday, a member offered us the opportunity to make dinner. I took it and made Stir Fry. They loved it! It went really well! Now I bought food to make a little, healthy, one person serving of it for lunches.

Investigator Update!
Manuel is doing really well! He came to Church on Sunday! He is doing really well and progressing! We will get him a new baptismal date this week! He has progressed and grown so much despite his challenges and problems!

We will see Jose Angel again this week. They werent home for our lesson last week. We will get him a new baptismal date too.

We have some other investigators but Manuel and Jose Angel are our most promising. We are knocking doors everyday and have been really successful with the new tactic we are using. We are hoping and working to find new investigators!

We have also gone caroling a few times this week! It has been different than what I am use to... People are really surprised. Its not the best part of town but they are just surprised that people still go our caroling.

Today, we were shopping and one of the things I needed was a small candle to melt wax for my wax letter seals. As we went to the aisle with the candles, a lady was standing there looking at candles too. After I grabbed a candle and put it in the cart, she gave us a weird look and an odd chuckle. I said, " I need it for wax letter seals." She said, with an unbelieving tone, "Sure..." Later, we passed by her again, she said something that we didnt hear. Its probably good we didnt hear it, I dont think it was very nice or appropriate...

On Saturday, we had a small Christmas Conference with President Passey ans Sis Passey. It was really nice! They gave us a Book of Mormon with a Challenge. To read it before Easter while studying with a specific topic in mind.

Then later that night was the Branch Christmas party where I had Menudo. And now this letter has come full circle!

Also, if you want to send me a gift, I would love either candy or ties!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Dallin James Baker

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