Thursday, January 21, 2016

2 Car Accidents, but Not Mine

So just to not hold the suspense too long, I am safe and I am a safe driver. I did not get in an accident. An investigator was in 2 car accidents in 1 month. 


So I just want to focus on 4 events this week. 

1. The Temple. We were able to go to the temple this past Tuesday! It was amazing! I didn't realize I missed that peace until I walked inside. It has been a stressful past couple of months. The temple was amazing though! I love the beauty and spirit that makes the temple what it is. We learn from the Spirit of God about who we are and why it is important to follow the gospel. We learn more about how God loves us and everyone else! Just being on the grounds outside the temple is amazing too! Definite high point of the week and a good rejuvenation. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Douglas Transfer 2: Elder Chiñas and Blizzard

Hey guys! Sorry for the poor quality of my past 2 emails. This one will be way better!

So I am with Elder Chiñas again! If you remember, I trained him in like February through April. I am super excited to be with him again as we progress further.


Monday: We helped a member move his motorcycle. The battery was dead so we loaded it on another member's truck. It was way heavier than I thought, heavier than Grandpa's Honda Ruckus. Then later we gave a member a blessing. He caught this bad bug from his son. And to finish the day, we visited members so that Elder Penrod could say goodbye.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 6: New Year, Baptismal Dates, and Elder Penrod is Leaving!

So we got transfer news and I am staying in Douglas! Elder Penrod is
leaving and I'm getting Elder Chiñas again.

So this week was pretty crazy! Some drama that happened with members
but all is settling out.

Christmas in Douglas

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas!
Just going to do some quick highlights from the week!

Monday: Elder Penrod and I went to Bisbee to go on a little day hike. It was great! Great views and great pictures. It was so nice to be outside and just soak up the nature! So saw snow!

Douglas, Seminary, and the coming of Christmas

Hey guys! Hope you had a good week!
This week was great! This transfer has flown by and it is scary! Elder
Penrod and I get along super well so it has been super fun! He has
been out for about 4 months now and he has taught me so much! I feel I
have really progressed this transfer!

Monday: Taught seminary at 5:30am. We then did our regular Pday stuff
then just chilled. I made cookies and wrote letters. Later, we did
some knocking and we were able to show the Christmas video a bunch of

Cold weather is here

Hey guys! My week was pretty good! Just a bit on the colder side but
it was great!

Monday: Taught seminary this morning! It starts at 5:30am... Pday then
dinner with the Barallardos. It was so much fun then we did the
Atonement push-up lesson with them. I did the push-ups again. It was
awesome because we bought candy on an individual basis. We got their
favorite candy and put their name on it.

Douglas Week 2: Español and the Drive

¡Buenos días!
Tuvimos una conferencia con los otros misioneros de Español el jueves
pasado y nos animó a mejorar nuestro esfuerzo de usar, practicar, y
magnificar nuestro Español. Entonces, voy a escribir un poquito de mi
carta en Español. No estoy usando Google Translate.

So in English, we had a great Spanish conference with all the Spanish
missionaries. It went super well and we got super excited about
putting more effort into bettering our Spanish abilities. So I will
write a bit of Spanish in my emails. Just so you know, I am not using
Google Translate.

Douglas Week 1: Elder Penrod, the Golden Investigator, and Seasons

Hey guys! So I am in Douglas now! It is pretty awesome! It is right on
the border. Lots of Border Patrol. I am in probably the nicest
apartment in the mission! It is like a condo. We both have our own
bathrooms, a large main room, nice kitchen with a gas stovetop,
washer, dryer, and dishwasher! It is amazing!

SEASONS!!! So it is a little colder down her in Douglas but the most
amazing thing is that there are trees here! Trees that have leaves!
Leaves that change color!!!! I haven't seen leaves change color since
Fall of 2013!

Tucson Exodus: Douglas

So we got transfer news! Tomorrow I am transferred to Douglas, AZ.
Different from Deming, NM. It is right on the US/Mexico boarder with
Agua Prieta.

Monday: Pday! We all went to an indoor trampoline park to celebrate
some birthdays. It was super fun! Then sports. I also bought a
StarWars onesie with some birthday money. Later, we had a carne asada
dinner/lesson cancel which we were both super pumped about. Our
investigators were going to teach us how to make carne asada and we
were going to help them with their salvation.