Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cold weather is here

Hey guys! My week was pretty good! Just a bit on the colder side but
it was great!

Monday: Taught seminary this morning! It starts at 5:30am... Pday then
dinner with the Barallardos. It was so much fun then we did the
Atonement push-up lesson with them. I did the push-ups again. It was
awesome because we bought candy on an individual basis. We got their
favorite candy and put their name on it.

Tuesday: great lessons in the morning with Jose and then with the
Alonso family. Later we had a great lesson with Eugenio. We read 2
Nephi 31 and he basically asked to be baptized! He is amazing. His
wife left him because they have a daughter with severe mental and
physical disabilities. We then did some knocking. Later, we visited a
young man named Cody. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. Then, we
had a little meeting with the Sisters to talk about a finding idea.

Wednesday: Zone Meeting! Then exchanges. I stayed in Sierra Vista with
Elder Judy. It was great and our plans completely changed the whole
day but we had some great lessons!

Thursday: We did some service at a charity ranch by raking up a ton of
leaves. We then went to exchange back but stopped for lunch in Bisbee.
It is like the San Francisco of Arizona. Like hippie and LGBT. We ate
at this pizza place called the Screaming Banshee. Interesting local
artwork on the wall. We quickly ate and got out. Later, we had
basketball night with guys in town in Douglas.

Friday: Tons of service! We helped a family move like all morning then
a member that brought his trailer took us out to lunch for helping so
much. Later we some lessons change. We ended up getting the paperwork
ready for the "vendor table" we will have at a local event to share
the "A Savior is Born" message. After, it was the ward Christmas
party! It was great!

Saturday: We helped the family again with a fridge. It was brought by
a friend and it wouldn't fit through the tiny doorway. So, being the
puzzler, I took off all the doors, we brought it inside, and I put
them back on. It worked perfect and I didn't end up with extra or
missing screws! Later, we had a lesson with Cody again. We read from
the Book of Mormon then talked about prayer. We talked about how it is
okay to ask for things in prayer. Later was the adult session of Stake
Conference. It was really good!!

Sunday: Stake Conference was great again today! I really liked how
they talked about the why of what we do and how to better keep the
Sabbath day holy. Later we had a nice lunch with members and a great
lesson with Eugenio. He loves feeling the Spirit and received his
answer about the Book of Mormon! He broke down crying after the prayer
because he is caring for his daughter alone and it is hard. We taught
him that those are the moments when he needs to pray the most. Later
we had a lesson with Brother Cluff and read the Book of Mormon again.
He is understanding more and more. Then we had dinner with a member.

Hope you all have a great week! Be safe and remember the real reason
for Christmas!!!

Elder Dallin Baker

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