Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Douglas Transfer 2: Elder Chiñas and Blizzard

Hey guys! Sorry for the poor quality of my past 2 emails. This one will be way better!

So I am with Elder Chiñas again! If you remember, I trained him in like February through April. I am super excited to be with him again as we progress further.


Monday: We helped a member move his motorcycle. The battery was dead so we loaded it on another member's truck. It was way heavier than I thought, heavier than Grandpa's Honda Ruckus. Then later we gave a member a blessing. He caught this bad bug from his son. And to finish the day, we visited members so that Elder Penrod could say goodbye.

Tuesday: Elder Penrod leaves! We drove up to a small town called Hereford. We helped load up the furniture from an apartment that was closed. Elder Chiñas came down with Elder Wagoner, the housing missionary. We loaded up the trailer and then Elder Chiñas and I came back to Douglas. We unpacked a bit, went to Walmart, and then had dinner. We then visited some less active members. 

Wednesday: Early District meeting at 9 am! That was when the member was available to have it at his house. After we did some knocking. We started knocking this one street with no success. We felt we should go see if Eugenio was home. He wasn't but we decided to knock these little condo things down the street. We knocked through the whole row and met a guy named Brian! He let us in and we shared a short little message about Jesus Christ. After, we had a lesson with Ali, a recent convert, and the sisters. We had a great lesson about the Atonement and faith! We talked about how as we have faith it will lead us to repent. Also how if we repent, we will not suffer for our sins like Christ did. He suffered so that we don't have to, IF we repent. Later we had a good lesson with Sam talking about and reading Moroni chapters 1-7. He is understanding more and more and the light is growing within him. 

Thursday: We did service at the Food Bank and they fed us breakfast. Then we had a nice little lesson with Mario then Sam. After, we went and visited the Innes family, a young family in the ward. They just had a baby and they wanted us to see. Then we had dinner and basketball. Basketball was great! We had a ton of people and my team won a bunch of games. I had some good game-winning 3 point shots. Then it started snowing! It snowed a few inches and it was amazing! 

Friday: The snow was mostly gone but there was still ice so I made an ice angel. We did a ton of weekly planning! We also helped a guy load a moving truck. His name is Jesus and he is the brother of our former neighbor Mike. We basically only had to move the couch. He was super grateful. Then we had a lesson with Sam and talked more about Christlike attributes. Then we had dinner with the Barallardos. It was SUPER funny! We all pulled a prank on Elder Chiñas. We planned it when Elder Penrod was here. The prank was when a new missionary came after transfers we would ask how the Barallardos met. The prank was that they would say it was a exotic dancer/best customer situation. They are really good at acting and they played the prank so well! We got Elder Chiñas so bad! We told him after then they told us how they really met. They are a great family! Reminded me of when the missionaries ask my parents how they met and they sometimes say, "We met in a bar or a casino."

Saturday: We finished helping Jesus load the truck then organized missionaries in Tucson to help him unload the truck. We did more weekly planning then visited with Sam and read the Book of Mormon. Later, we visited a young man named Rene. He is in high school and he is on the cheer team. The coach of the team is Sister Barallardos. We started teaching the Restoration but then he had tons of questions relating to the Plan of Salvation. We had to go but set a return appointment and gave him a pamphlet. Then, we had dinner with the Posey family. Later, we finished weekly planning and did language study for the first time this week. 

Sunday: Church! Church was great then we had lunch with the Velasco family. I was feeling sick the whole day and so we stopped by and rescheduled appointments with people then I rested. 

This week was great! I am so happy to be with Elder Chiñas again! 


Elder Dallin Baker
939 W Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704



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