Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Douglas, Seminary, and the coming of Christmas

Hey guys! Hope you had a good week!
This week was great! This transfer has flown by and it is scary! Elder
Penrod and I get along super well so it has been super fun! He has
been out for about 4 months now and he has taught me so much! I feel I
have really progressed this transfer!

Monday: Taught seminary at 5:30am. We then did our regular Pday stuff
then just chilled. I made cookies and wrote letters. Later, we did
some knocking and we were able to show the Christmas video a bunch of

Tuesday: Taught seminary again. We helped this old couple set up their
Christmas tree. They are super old and we don't want them to die yet
so... Then they were super nice and took us to Burger King! Later, we
took care of some logistical stuff for our booth at a festival this
Friday then we tried visiting some people. Nothing really stuck

Wednesday: Taught seminary once again! Then later we had our district
meeting at Brother Gladwell's house. Hermana Gregory finished last
week because she was going home mid transfer. So now it is back to a
"Double Date" district. So the four of us, us and the sisters, cannot
be in the church building without a 5th person. Brother Gladwell is
the ward mission leader and he recently had a hip surgery. So to
include him, with his permission, we had district meeting at his
house! He loved it! It went super well! Then we heard stories about
how he had raised some emus here in Douglas. Later, we went and
visited the bishop of the Elfrida ward. We cover that but on a
only-if-there-is-an-appointment basis. We wanted to make sure we were
on the same page with the Area Initiative. After dinner, we had a
great lesson with Cody! We talked about the 10 commandments.

Thursday: Service at the food bank. We were on our way to visit
Eugenio when we passed by this certain house. Two weeks ago a woman
called the church building during our meetings and asked for the
missionaries to stop by. We did later that day but she wasn't home.
But when we were on our way to Eugenio's house, i saw the house, cars
outside, and I was slapped in the face by the palm of inspiration that
we needed to stop by NOW. We did. We talked to the woman and she said
she is a member. Life has been really tough for her and her family
recently and she knows she needs to come back to the gospel. She said
she just needs to talk to the bishop to start coming back! She is so
right! She is awesome and the Spirit was so strong as we were talking
to her briefly on her doorstep. Then we had an appointment with
Eugenio. It went super well! He had read the pamphlet and had
questions. He is progressing really well. Later, we showed the video
while doing some knocking. Our zone is having a challenge for the zone
to show the video 100 times this week. Then we had our awesome
basketball night. It was a ton of fun and we were able to answer a
bunch of questions that the guys had about missionaries.

Friday: Service! We went with a very old member of the ward to help
clean of the yard of another member. We then did our weekly planning.
After dinner, we went and knocked to try and show the video to more

Saturday: Moving! Not us, someone else. We helped a family move then
we went and met up with the Sisters at the community Christmas event.
They had started the booth while we helped the family move. It went
okay. Not too many people were there since the ice skating was
postponed. We closed down the booth and went to visit a young man
named Rene. I were able to have an awesome lesson with him and his
grandmother. It went super well! They have lots of questions and the
gospel will be wonderful in their life!

Sunday: Church was great! I taught gospel principles. After, we had
lunch with the bishop and his family. It was super good! They are a
super awesome family. Then we took care of some studies they went and
visited Brother Cluff and read some chapters in the Book of Mormon
with him. After we did some caroling, just the two of us, to some
active and less active members.

We had a great week! I cannot believe how fast this transfer has flown
by! Christmas is amazing! Go to Christmas.mormon.org to watch the
video that I was talking about!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Dallin Baker

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