Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas in Douglas

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas!
Just going to do some quick highlights from the week!

Monday: Elder Penrod and I went to Bisbee to go on a little day hike. It was great! Great views and great pictures. It was so nice to be outside and just soak up the nature! So saw snow!

Christmas Eve: Service at the food bank! They gave us a ton of food to give to people so we gave it to some needy families in the ward. It was a great experience. We then went and delivered cookies with the Sisters to some families in the ward.

Christmas: Opened gifts then I was able to Skype! It was amazing! My brothers have changed so much! We then had a lunch with a family in Bisbee with the Sisters then a dinner in Douglas. It was awesome to share the Christmas Spirit throughout the day and this whole month really. Then Elder Penrod was able to Skype.

Day after Christmas: It snowed!!!!

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