Monday, December 8, 2014

Cute Nose

So to start off I want to share an experience I had last night.

We were trying to drop off some borrowed items to a member in our complex. She wasnt home so we started walking back to our apartment. On the way we started talking to this woman that approached us. She is a Jehovah Witness who I will refer to as MH. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed really interested. She kinda sounded like she was talking in a flirty/innocent way with lots of giggles. The conversation ended with this:
Me:So will you read this chapter about Jesus Christ?
MH: Yes!
Me: Ok! And we will get that English Book of Mormon to you later.
MH: Elder Baker, you have a very cute nose!
Me: Thanks... Good night! (Walk away quickly)

So our complex is in the other branch and the sister missionaries of that branch cover that complex. So she will be receiving sister missionaries soon!

Last Monday I got another haircut.

I was also sick this week with a sinus cold. It was not very enjoyable and made me very tired.

So on Tuesday we did a lot of finding! I used some of the tactics in the book "How to be a Highly Effective Missionary by David M. R. Covey." It worked wonders! We knocked on 10 doors, had a conversation with 6, taught 2 lessons on the door step, and got 2 appointments! I had a lot of faith and it worked!

Investigator update! Manuel PiƱa: his little son was baptized and then a month ago his wife left him and took their son with her to Utah. She is also a member. We dont know why she left but it is very sad. At first he had the intent to try and get his wife back and thats why he wasnt receiving an answer. His intent is changing and we are still working with him.
Alondra was a girl we met on Tuesday. She is awesome and has an awesome desire to learn more! She wants to go to an English ward so we are turning her to the English missionaries that cover that area.
Hugo and Leticia are struggling right know. Leticia has been very sick. We are trying to give her a blessing but they arent home.
Lupita is new but is in a very difficult health and financial situation too. We pray for her and are trying to have more visits and lessons with her.
Jose Angel is doing well. He has an answer that it is true but now he wont accept a date for baptism! We are still working with him! His wife Maria, a member, is really helping in the lessons too!

On Friday I had the opportunity to baptize Issac. He is a 12 year old boy that has been taught by the Sister missionaries in our area. He asked me to baptize him. It was such an awesome experience! I didnt teach him but it was still awesome!

Saturday was a wedding at the church building for a couple: wife is a new convert and husband is a long time member. She was baptized about 2 weeks ago. And being in a branch, they use the missionaries a lot for a lot of different things. So we sang some hymns during parts in the ceremony. Then there was dinner. I became a waiter carrying plates on trays, refilling lemonade, picking up plates and trash, and carrying a heavy tray. I think post mission during college I should become a waiter. I was pretty good!

So I had a pretty crazy, awesome, hectic, sick/tired, fun, spiritually uplifting week!

Sunday, my branch president said that I was the most mature new missionary he has ever met. He said I dont act like a greenie, I act experienced and mature. It was a great compliment!

And I hope you guys enjoy the Christmas season!!!

Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Your Gladiator friends are gearing up for Finals next week...remember those???