Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poisoning, Coke, Guns, Wishes, and Bombs OH MY!

So this week I suffered from a little 24 Food Poisoning!
I think it was from a Cookie Dough Milkshake from Sonic.
Here is the story:
So Elder Teio, from Tahiti, had never had a Banana Split!
We took him to Sonic to fulfill that on Friday. I got a Cookie Dough Milkshake. We also had a bunch of Little Caesars Pizza on Friday
On Saturday I felt a little bad in the morning but went to the bathroom and felt better.
That night, walking up to an appointment after dinner, I felt really sick! They weren't home and I asked if we could go home because I felt sick.
If you dont know, I hate throwing up.
I told that to Elder Tyler and Teio.
About 30 mins later I was in the bathroom. Very sick. To keep this short, diarrhea and throwing up. No mess though!!
We asked our Sisters to bring us toilet paper and crackers and Gatorade. Kinda awkward!
Anyway, that was Saturday. Then Sunday I stayed home in the apartment with another missionary. I feel so much better now and am back to normal eating!

So today was transfers and I am still in Sahuaro with Elder Teio. Elder Tyler is now a Zone Leader. We are now staying a trio and getting Elder Harper!

So on Thursday I had an interesting experience trying to open a Mexican Coke bottle with another. It ended badly but I was happy :) Pic included

One day we went on a blitz in an area called Summit. I was with Elder Tyler and Elder Richardson (English Missionary). We approached a house with an older woman and a bearded young man. They were a little uneasy at first but quickly accepted us and said their names are Barbara and Jason. While talking and discussing religious views and experiences, Barbara apologized and said she gave us a false name. Her name is Cathy. We got to know them really well! They were really nice and we resolved some misconceptions and bad experiences with missionaries in the past. Before leaving, Jason said that when we were walking up he felt peace. He went on to say and reveal that he has a conceal carry gun. He showed us how he would have set it in his lap to threaten us but because he felt peace he kept it holstered. BLESSINGS!!! Before we left, Cathy wanted to pray with us. As she prayed she started to cry and stopped speaking. She then said, "Lord, I now realize that these 3 nice young gentleman are actually 3 wise men, angels sent to bless us." I felt so good and almost shed a tear.

So on Thursday while tracting we knocked on this American woman's door, she opened and let us in. Her name was Steph, her adult daughter Megan was also there. Since we are a trio we can enter. So we proceeded to use our tracting tactics to try to have a first lesson or at least get a return appointment. In our conversation I was making so witty comments and little jokes and they were laughing really hard at them! They also said I reminded Steph of her nephew... Anyway, Steph's sister drove up and walked in. Steph then said, "Hey, did you make a wish? Because there are 3 handsome young men here!" Awkward...

On Tuesday we had Exchanges. Our focus was to give out "He is the Gift" cards. We were meeting our branch president at QT to meet up before a lesson and we got there early. I parked in front of an out of order pump. We then began to approach people at their cars and talk to them! It worked really well! They cant leave because they are still filling up their cars!!

Finally, for bombs:
Later Tuesday night, we got to our dinner appt early because a lesson canceled. We decided to tract down the street and back for an hour. First door. I guess I did 3 semi-loud knocks or something but a angry/crazy, shirtless, possibly drunk, possibly high man opened the door, dropping F-Bombs, asking why we were knocking like cops. We tried to explain we were sharing a message about Christmas. He did not accept, to say the least. With faith that other doors would be more accepting, we quickly left that door.

So I hope you all had a great week! Better than mine? Good. Mine was kinda bad, especially the weekend...


Thank you all very much!
Les amo! (I love you all!)
Feliz Navidad!
Elder Dallin James Baker

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