Monday, January 5, 2015

Snow, MUD, Lava, Diet, and the Return

So this week was pretty awesome!

First we worked in a member's yard like 3 days in a row doing service. We were shoveling rocks. I got a great workout! We also have been teaching this member English and it is going really well! He is so funny with his accent and the English Slang he knows!

So Snow, on New Years Day there was snow! Not to mention a ton of frost on our windshield!

MUD, or Mission Unity Day. Basically mission sports day. It was New Years Day. The whole mission got together and played sports, ate food, and had a little talent show!

Lava-lava! I am now the proud owner of my very own Lava-lava! Pic included. It was given to me by a Samoan Elder, Elder Chu Shing. I also went on an exchange with him on Saturday in an English area. It was fun and we were fed very well!

So the Diet. Elder Harper and I are doing a diet sort of thing. I came to the conclusion to do this after finishing a bag of conversation hearts (A pretty large bag to give you an idea) in only a day.
So for the month of January:
No Candy
No Soda
No Junk food
Exceptions: Dinners (Only because we cant control what members feed us) (Soda and candy are still off limits).
Punishment: 1 day = 2 days. Miss 1 day, 2 days of the diet are added on.

So this will be a great month! I also found a juice/smoothie book at an apartment of other missionaries. So I am putting our blender to use! I bought a bunch of fruit and my lunch today is a apple, banana, and grapefruit juice smoothie!

The Return. Luis Strikes Back! So do you remember Luis? Well we had some appointments fall through and we were driving around trying to figure out what to do. I felt inspired that we should go visit Luis, make sure he had a good Christmas, and wish him a Happy New Year. We did. He opened the door! We chatted! Then HE asked us to come back and teach him! He is doing well and seems more receptive and more willing to change! We will have a couple lessons with him this week!

Manuel is doing well! His Niece, Lupe, has been with him recently. She is in her 20's or 30's. We have been inviting her in on the lessons but this last time she sat with us without being asked! Then she also participated, asked questions, and said yes when we asked if she wanted to start taking the lessons too! She said she has seen that we bring a happiness, that Manuel is doing better, and when they talk about something related to the Gospel during the day we talk about it or teach about it when we come over without knowing! She called is a coincidence. I know that coincidences don't exist. God is trying to tell her something!

So that is it! Hope everyone has a good week and keeps up with their resolutions!

If I can not eat candy or drink soda for 5 days straight, you can do anything! Believe me or ask my parents ;)


Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Not sure who is getting the most out of your mission....the people you are introducing to Christ...or YOU!! (Hahaha...I know that's the point :-) Love the "Lava Lava"...especially with the tie :-)