Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"I'm the Doctor" - Elder C

So this was a very exciting week!

So an update on my diet thing...
I broke a couple days so it will be continued until the 8th of February.

So the biggest day was Thursday. We went to the Gila Valley Arizona Temple! I drove there and back (not again, only once, so no "There and back again"). It was about 310 miles! I stayed awake and alert the whole time! It was wonderful being in the Temple and being able to feel the Spirit so strong!

Still on Thursday, we found out something was wrong with Elder Teio. He has this bump thing in this armpit and it was pretty big. We texted our Mission President's wife and she gave us some advice. She said to safely and using proper medical supplies, try to pop it. She asked if we had seen any of those "Mega zit popping" videos on Youtube before. It looked like a zit... A big big zit...

Then, later that night, we were dropping some other Elders off at their apartment. One of them is from Samoa. He said that he had had bump things like that before and that he knew what to do. Here is where the fun begins... So this began with, "I'm the Doctor."
Elder C took a knife, sterilized it with a match, pricked the pimple part and tried squeezing a little. Just some blood. He then decided to light matches, catching the smoke in a small jar, then using the pressure difference in the jar (when held tight against the body) to create a vacuum to suck out fluids. After about 3 times yielding blood, I said we should just go to the doctor tomorrow. Elder C decided to cut some more and go again. My medical experience: Anatomy, Boy Scouts, Experience, Logic. Elder C: Experience. So we began to apply pressure. I held the jar creating the vacuum while Elder C applied pressure. Elder Teio was in pain so he was biting a book. # more times of just blood, we stopped. We let Elder Teio stay there for the night, he drank a Coke and a bunch of water. We took him to the doctor the next morning. It was difficult because he lost his wallet somehow on the way home from the Temple. So we are grateful they had his insurance info in their records. After waiting for a long time, he returned to us. Final report, a bandage and a prescription. Why? Because they couldn’t do anything to it because the ligament was slightly damaged... The knife work from the night before... So now we have to get the prescription but Elder Teio spent this month's money and doesn’t have his insurance card... Oh boy...

Well, on a more spiritual note, I love teaching! I am learning to understand the promptings and the workings of the Spirit of God more in my life, especially when we teach. It is very import to teach with the Spirit. Otherwise there is no point in teaching. We, as missionaries, don’t convert people. The Spirit converts people as he testifies of truth to their hearts.

Sunday night we went to teach English to our Elder's Quorum President again. It was so much fun! We received a Spanish/English picture dictionary from the mission office so we brought that to him. Every week we give him homework and he does it!! It is awesome to see his desire and effort to learn English!

Investigator Update!
Manuel and Lupe: Haven’t been able to meet with them this week. Our appointments were canceled.

Jose Angel: Finally were able to meet with him! He was finally back in town. Still don’t know what is holding him back from accepting baptism.

Luis: canceled a couple times but we will meet with him this week!

Hope all is well with everyone!


Elder Dallin Baker

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