Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last Week with Elder Crofts

So we got transfer news...

This was my last week with Elder Crofts. It has been a ton of fun and we have done a ton of work and really brought this area up and out of the dust and built it from the ground up. We went from few investigators when I first got here to now 30! Elder Crofts is a great missionary and I look up to him, he was in a tough situation with a companion last transfer that made working hard. 

I am getting Elder Acosta! He was a fresh new missionary in my district when I was first a District Leader. He is from Ecuador and is a really cool guy! More about him next week! 

Juan Rodriguez: This guy is amazing! He said to Orfilda, "If you join any church, make sure it is this one. If I were to join any church, it would be this one." So we went and visited him and taught him the Restoration. He was so focused and interested! He had a lot of good questions! More on him soon to come. 

Alma 32: In this chapter of the Book of Mormon, Alma teaches a parable about faith by comparing it to a seed. We realized one day this week that the people that we are teaching work with seeds! Local jobs include: tomato green houses, pistachio orchards, apple orchards, pecan orchards, and many types of field farming. This is a perfect chapter!! 

Francisco: He is doing well but hesitant to come to church but he loves everything we are teaching him. 

Figueroa family: We had a lesson with the Figueroa family, their neighbors Julio Cesar and Leonardo, and Francisco all together. We shared verses from Alma 32 and talked about faith. It was great to see that they started a discussion about faith and how to use our faith to ask God and receive answers. 

Rosemary: She is awesome! She knows this is true and wants to be baptized. She just needs to come to church. We haven't had a lesson in a while until we saw her this week. She is doing well and we went over Alma 32 with her too and she knows that she needs to pray and read the scriptures to grow her faith. 

Speaking in Church: So I was asked to speak in the English ward about fasting. I was told there would be a youth speaker, an adult speaker, an intermediate hymn, then me. The youth speaker gave his talk in about a minute. Then the adult speaker gave his in about five minutes, he is old and didn't have notes. So we sing the intermediate hymn and I am left to talk on fasting for 35 minutes! I thought I was going to have to speak for 15 or maybe 20 minutes. I went up there with faith and filled the whole 35 minutes! It was great! I know the Lord helped me! I also got some really good compliments and I guess it was surprising that I filled it without making it drag or seeming that I was stalling for time. It flowed really well. I was told to talk about this experience here in my email by Sis Crockett. She told me to tell this story. She gave me some really nice compliments. Then I also spoke in the Spanish meeting but I spoke with Elder Crofts, Hermana Olivas, and Hermana Jimenez. I spoke last again and spoke for 10 minutes. It was nice. We each spoke for about 10-15 minutes so it was great. I spoke about families. I do have to say though, the family is a really easy topic compared to fasting. You can only elaborate so much when talking about fasting but the Lord definitely helped me! 

It has been a great transfer! Can't wait to keep working hard with Elder Acosta!

Elder Dallin Baker

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