Sunday, July 10, 2016

Elder Acosta is My Final Companion

Willcox is great! Besides the bugs that are make a full fledged
assault on our house, everything is great!

Mike: Mike is an interesting guy. He has a reputation here in Willcox
and so everyone is surprised that we are starting to teach him. He
promised his dying brother, and a member of the ward, that he would
take the lessons. And that is how we came in the picture. He is a
Seventh Day Adventist. It has been really good and we are having to
study the Bible a ton more!

The Rain: The rain was all good and fun until Friday. Friday morning
we turned off the swamp cooler but left a window open. The only window
with a screen is the one right above my bed... So about 2 pm, my bed
got soaked... Luckily we were just given a fan by the mission so I was
able to cool off my mattress in time to sleep. I just had one blanket
and I kept waking up because I was cold until I put sweatpants on. Not
much sleep that night.

The Bugs: It all started in Saturday night. We figured that they
multiplied exponentially due to the standing water. But we were
invaded by these little brown beetles. They were crawling in through
the windows! There were tons! My bed was declared as the front lines
and they were pulling a blitzkrieg. Then they flanked us by coming in
from other windows. I eventually went to sleep but was waken up
occasionally by bugs on me and my bed. Then on Sunday it was a about
the same, just not as many. I was tired of them though. I think I went
to sleep around 12 then woke up at 4am because one crawled in my ear.
Later I felt one on my leg in my sweatpants. They don't bite, they are
just annoying. So I am running on low sleep today.

Investigators: We had some pretty good lessons this week. We are still
having trouble having a lesson with Jose Rodriguez and his family. We
were able to have a really good lesson with Anel and Alfonso Figueroa
answering their questions then talking about Alma 32 and about
baptism. They said they need more time. Then we had a really good
lesson with Artisema that went the same way.

Elder Acosta: He is great! He is a good missionary and will be a great
leader in the mission! He is from Ecuador and is helping me with my
Spanish as I help him with his English.

The Truck: On Saturday night, after trying to see an investigator we
decided to take a back road, just a less official dirt road than the
one we were on, and it had a few puddles but nothing too menacing. We
go forward, then we stop. We were stuck pretty good. I put it in four
wheel drive and try to work some magic. Nothing. 4low? Nothing again.
Eventually we realize we cannot go forward so we try going backward. A
little progress. From one big mud bog to a smaller one. We were so
stuck. We kept trying different things then Elder Acosta said we
should pray. We did. Almost immediately someone drove up behind and
watched as we tried to get out. Then we went and asked for their help.
Miracles still happen because they came and they were prepared with a
good strong rope! I know that the Lord answers prayers and works
through others sometimes. I realized it would have been better to have
Elder Acosta back me and take the sure route rather than trying the
risky easier route.

I hope you all have a great week! Happy 4th of July!!! Stay safe and
have fun! Please keep praying that we will be able to help our
investigators progress to baptism.

I know that I am a child of God. He is my Heavenly Father. He sent his
son, Jesus Christ to the earth to suffer, atone, and die for each one
of us. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. He is who I must
constantly turn to. I know that through Him I can be forgiven, free,
and clean from my sins. I have experienced his Atonement in my life as
I have repented and looked to him for healing. I know that I am not
perfect but as I follow him he will show me how to become perfect. I
know that Christ resurrected after his death and that we, like him,
may receive perfect bodies and live again. I know that Jesus Christ
established his church with the Priesthood when he was on the earth.
That church fell but has been restored today. I know that Joseph Smith
was a prophet called of God and given the Priesthood, the same I hold
today, and that he was called to  restore the Church of Jesus Christ.
I know that he led the church through revelation being the prophet. I
know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. I know he guides the
world and the church in his calling. I know that the Priesthood is
real and that it blesses lives. I know I hold that Priesthood and that
it can be traced back to Jesus Christ. Through the Priesthood we are
able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That is the privilege to
have the Comforter with us always to guide us and protect us.

Elder Dallin Baker

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