Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Heat, The Temple, and The People

Oh Arizona... You are so crazy. It is getting into the 100* this week. It is SO CRAZY HOT HERE IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY! The breeze is even hot! 

The Temple: No pictures yet but we went to the Gila Valley Temple on Saturday! A member from Deming was going for the first time and we got to go! It was a Spanish session so that was cool! When you go to the temple you learn. You also perform sacred ordinances like baptisms for the dead, just like Christ taught. Dalia, the member, was getting what is called an endowment. It is basically a blessing from God of power. We are able to learn, be blessed, and learn the potential that we have as children of God. Elder Crofts and I found names through family history of relatives that have passed on where we were able to do all their work. We did baptisms, confirmations, then endowment. It was a great experience to do it all in one day at one time. 

Orfilda: We kind of had to throw down last week. She hasn't been reading or praying. So we had a lesson with her on Saturday night and she had read from the Book of Mormon and she had questions! We talked to her about it, answered her questions with the scriptures, and were able to help her understand why we want her to read and pray. It was a great lesson and she committed to read and pray everyday to know that the Book of Mormon is true. 

Rodriguez Family: A new family we found! They are super awesome and they are really interested. More to come soon! 

The Others: Everyone else is at one of two points, maybe both. Either the appointments happen but they don't keep commitments or the appointments don't happen and they don't keep commitments. It is tough but we have some new tactics, not really new but we were reminded of them, to focus on teaching doctrine. So this week should be really good!

Hope you guys have a great week! 

Elder Dallin Baker

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