Thursday, June 16, 2016

Identifying and Removing Walls

Hey guys! A bit of a rough week but thats when you learn and grow the most.

Orfilda and Artisema: We went on splits one night and Elder Crofts visited them with Hno and Hna Cuevas. It was a super good lesson! Then the other night we were talking about baptism and they were unsure. We asked if they have been reading and praying and they haven't. It is kind of annoying when we have really good powerful lessons with the Spirit then they don't read and pray!

Cuervo: He was the drunk guy we met last Sunday. On Monday night we had a lesson with him. It went super well!!! He was super interested and a totally different man when he is not drinking. We will keep working with him.

Alfonso and Anel: In our last lesson we talked a little bit about our purpose. We then asked if they have been keeping commitments and they have not. We then asked if they had any doubts about what we are teaching. They said they don't understand everything completely and asked if we could go slower. We then talked about how if they read and pray everyday that they will understand more and the lessons will be more beneficial for them. We will be better about teaching more simply.

Felix: We did splits again and I went to visit Felix. He is doing well and we had a really good lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said he would come to church and I loved how he said he would. He said, "If people ask me to do work for them or take them to Tucson I will say no." I liked the approach and he did come to church. I am all for helping people but we need to have church be a priority.

Rosemary: She is doing well! We had a nice morning lesson with her and went over the Plan of Salvation. She walked in at the end when we taught her mom. We had a nice outdoor lesson and we focused on the doctrine of baptism being essential throughout the Plan of Salvation. She basically accepted baptism and really committed to read and pray.

Hno Hielo: When Elder Crofts went with the Cuevas family, I went with Hno Hielo. He knows everyone here! He is super funny and we have a ton of contacts and potentials now!

Unusual Sightings: We are walking a lot in Perras Flacas and we see some unusual things. For instance a strange babydoll, a cow skull, a disco car, and road seal that is impressionable when hot. Sunday morning I opened the door at 6:30 and saw 7 female deer outside. Then I looked over and saw more for a total of 20.

I hope you all have a great week! Please pray that our investigators will keep their commitments


Elder Dallin Baker

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