Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Music, The Food, The People

Willcox Transfer 2

This week was pretty good. We were tired, a lot of appointments fell through but we turned it into a great week! We had some great daily and weekly planning. We are becoming the missionaries Heavenly Father wants us to become.

Orfilda: Just amazing! We had a really powerful lesson on Tuesday and we talked about the Atonement and baptism. The Spirit was super strong but she was still a bit unsure. We read from Alma 7 and it is a very bold and powerful chapter.

Artisema & Kerenia: They are super awesome! Actually super golden! They kinda jumped in the lessons with Orfilda so we never got to teach them the Restoration. We did on Saturday and it turns out that they are super golden!!! They loved it, had good questions, and knew a lot!! We taught simply and powerfully and it went super well!

Mariachi: On Saturday night our dinner was at the graduation party of a girl from the branch. In small branches like this you basically invite the missionaries to everything. It was really good though! It was here in Perras Flacas so it was a good way to show people who we are so they will recognize us when we knock on their door. We knew a good number of people there. We had tacos de cabeza (Beef head tacos. Like the meat from the head of a cow.) The family also had a Mariachi group as live entertainment! It was so authentic and so fun!

Chicharrones: Sunday night Orfilda fed us dinner. We come over and there were a few other people there that we knew like Anel and Alfonso! Orfilda, Anel and Alfonso, and Artisema live on the same road all in a row! There were also some other people there, we got some good potential contacts, and a very interesting conversation with a guy that had had a few too many Bud Lights. Anyway, chicharrones de res, or fried cow fat, is what we had for dinner. Its all the gristle with fat and some really hard, tough meat.

Drunk People: Throughout the mission you meet some very interesting people, some are crazy or weird, and some are just plain drunk. Here it is a lot of Bud Light. We also use it as a finding technique because we know if the house is inhabited by the logo on the Bud Light cans outside. Bud Light recently changed their logo. So if it is the old logo, people have either stopped drinking or haven't been home in a while. Ok, so now we come to the story from Sunday night. Cuervo, meaning crow in Spanish, and it is his last name, was at the dinner from Orfilda. Right when we got there he started talking religion, not that that is a bad thing but it was his way of doing it and his attitude, and going off on stuff. Some of the people there, that are our investigators, were like watching out for us and standing up for us. They would be like, "Hey Cuervo, let them eat, they will visit you tomorrow night." Anyway, drunk people are very interesting, especially when they are speaking to you in Spanish.

Fasting Miracles: Despite the drunk experience from Sunday night, it was a really good day! The branch had a fast for missionary work and we fasted too. After dinner we were just guided by the Spirit for all these miracles! After dinner with Orfilda, we stopped by to visit a referral, Javier. He is the friend of some branch members and he works for a member of the English ward. Javier, his wife, and two daughters are just this perfect little family! We stopped by, Javier was finally home, and we talked to them about how the gospel blesses families. They said we could come back! Then we went and tried a few more people but no one was home. After that we went to drop off a children's Book of Mormon for Kerenia! She was so happy to get it! And the other miracle? Artisema had two of her friends with her! We like that people have friends but the miracle is that they are going to live with her and work here in Willcox! Romina and Erica. Romina has met with missionaries before, read some of the Book of Mormon, and has some friends in Mexico that are members! Erica was kind of quiet but we are excited to get to know and teach them both!

This week was good! Because of faith, miracles happen! It is our job to have the faith, desire the miracle, follow the Spirit, and recognize that it was a miracle.

Have a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

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