Monday, May 16, 2016

Transfers... Church Miracles!!!

So first I just want to introduce the church miracle then I will talk about the transfer news!

This week was a really good week! It was filled with success and miracles! The work of the Lord is going forth!

Church: Church was great! Orfilda, Artisema, and Artisema's kids came. Arti's kids are Kerenia, Yara, and Iquer. They came for the whole time and loved it all! We then took them on a tour of the building before they left. They really loved the baptismal font. Also, the branch is super supportive! Our branch president called President Passey to get us and the sisters to stay together here in Willcox! The whole branch has a huge desire to do missionary work and it is amazing! The branch presidency is on top of it!

Transfer News: So we got the news that Elder Crofts and I are staying together here is Willcox! We are really excited to be able to see everything come together and see the results of our work here. That means Elder Crofts, or maybe me, will spend 1 transfer in an area before going home in August. 

Orfilda and Artisema: They are amazing! We had a great lesson this week. We had kind of a chill/recap lesson. We started by singing a hymn, Praise to the Man, then showed the 20 minute Restoration video. There was a very special spirit as we testified of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his role in the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both felt the Spirit super strong and they committed to come to church. 

Exchanges: We had exchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Vance joined me in Willcox. Car conversations included hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures. It was a good exchange besides the physical troubles we had. For more info on these troubles, continue reading. 

Maxwell: Last Monday we got a phone call and the message said, "Hi my name is Maxwell and my grandma and I would like to meet with you guys and take the lessons." We didn't really know what to do... This has never happened to either of us for the 21 months we have been out. So we called him back and set up a lesson. We met him and he is super cool! He is 18 and he wants to get back to church and prepare for a mission. He and his grandma have been moving around the US a ton and are setting down some roots. Before they called, and before our meeting, they started reading the Book of Mormon together!

Finding in Perras Flacas: So we have had open time from 2 to 5pm. We decided to walk and knock in Perras Flacas, the trailer park area where we live. We have had some good success! We found a ton of new people this week! We will eventually know everyone that lives here and they will all be taught, then all be baptized. 

Half Mission Conference: On Thursday we had a half mission conference. We were visited by Elder Bradley D Foster. He is super cool! He gave some great trainings on working with members and prayer. I helped him with his microphone and his powerpoint. I learned a ton and it was and answer to prayers! After the meeting we had lunch. It was delicious but something went wrong. The ice, water, lettuce, meat, or something else gave that half of the mission diarrhea. Thursday evening Elder Vance and I were having some gas, we figured it was from the beans from lunch and dinner. But then I woke up at midnight, ran to the bathroom, and just about died. It went on the rest of the night. I probably woke up like 6 times to go before 6:30am. It was tough after that too. Add about 10-15 more times before we left for lunch and lessons. About 60-80 missionaries had the same that day. All is well now. 

I hope you guys have a great week! Make miracles happen and pray for them too!

Elder Dallin Baker

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