Friday, May 13, 2016

The Meeting with an Apostle of Jesus Christ

So this week was a bit tough. We had a great week and it finished wonderfully but it was tough because we didn't see much success in our lessons compared to the past few weeks. 

Conference: Tuesday night we drove into Tucson. We stayed with some other Elders. We woke up the next morning at 5am to be at a church building at 7am. When we arrived we took our first full mission picture with the addition of Elder Holland, Elder Robbins, and Elder and Sister Heyman. Then we shook their hands as we filed into the chapel. The meeting was from 8am to noon! It was so amazing though! 

Elder Holland: Elder Holland is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. It was very rare to have a meeting, of just missionaries, for about 2 hours, where we learned from a master teacher. He talked about being good missionaries, remembering well our missions, and always staying true to the gospel. He then talked about the enabling power of the Atonement. He talked about how it is the priesthood power and authority, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. These 2 gifts and powers are amazing and help us apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. 

Elder Robbins: Elder Robbins is a member of the presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy. He is super cool and he talked about agency and responsibility. He trained us to get off the "Loser List". This list consists of ways to avoid responsibility. When we get off the list, avoid it, and overcome that natural man tendency, we become champions. I really loved it! 

Casey: He is doing well! We are seeing him progress every time we visit him! We didn't have much contact this week because our schedules didn't line up well but we are going to visit him more this week! 

Chris: Chris is amazing! He is the boyfriend of a member and he is golden! Not literally, just super prepared to receive the restored gospel. He knows so much about Christ and wants to follow his example. He came to church and loved it! His lessons are always the highlight of the day! He has just been super prepared!

Tona Family: This is the family of Adilene. We met her whole family at the branch party. They are pretty cool! We got a video of Ananias playing the guitar and singing a song about 100 sheep then one being sacrificed, a religious song. We had a good lesson and we will see them again this week. 

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning: THE BEST SACRAMENT MEETING OF MY MISSION!!! Sunday in the Spanish branch was amazing! The classes were great! In priesthood the branch president, on his own desire, focused on how the branch can help us. Then sacrament meeting was great! We had Chris there, the sisters had these two girls there that they are teaching, and it was fast and testimony meeting. All the testimonies were super powerful! Chris loved it! The sacrament meeting in the English ward was good too! Most of the primary kids got up and bore testimony about missionary experiences they have been having! There were also good missionary minded testimonies from the adults. 

Trampoline: Sunday evening we went to have a lesson with the Bejar family. They asked us to help their neighbors set up a trampoline. We readily accepted the offer to serve and completed it! It was fun to build something again! It felt so good to serve too! 

So this week was amazing! It is feeling weird since Elder Crofts and I have been out for 20 months now... It starting to hit us both and we are realizing we have little time left. We are working hard to finish strong to the end!

Elder Dallin Baker

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