Monday, May 16, 2016

Homage to the Most Important Women in My Life

Since yesterday was Mother's Day I want to honor my mom. I also want to honor the other important woman in my life, Marlie. 

Mom: Diane, Mom, Ma, Mother, Parental Unit, She who birthed me; what ever the name you use, it can only point to one! Diane Baker is amazing! She has been there when I needed her and when I wasn't sure I needed anyone. She has taught me to love and to serve. She has shown me what a covenant-keeping daughter of God looks like. She has been a solid rock, along with my dad, to show the way for us. She loves to serve and go the extra mile. She doesn't have any daughters but she has shown me what to look for in a good future wife, her future daughter-in-law. I remember when I was little that we would sit on the couch and we would read together. She always gave the best summer buzz cuts and found the sweetest watermelon. She knew that ice cream was part of a balanced diet. She did things for me and my brothers that she didn't necessarily need to do, but she did them out of love and service.  She served a mission to serve her Savior, but she didn't know how hard it would be to send her first son. It was hard to see her cry. She has been faithful in support and expressions of love. She is a great woman of even greater faith. She is my mom and I love her!

Marlie: Marlie is my cousin. Second cousin actually, but she is actually more like the sister that I never had. My faithful copilot to school, seminary, activities, ice cream, Taco Bell, and other fun stuff. She is strong and loyal. She knows what she knows and will stand up for it. She is smart and beautiful. Like my mom, she has always been an example of piety and righteousness. She tells it like it is because she loves you and knows you need it. She is not easily confused or distracted. She loves learning and loves having fun and sharing a good laugh. She is about to serve a mission in Portugal as a representative of Jesus Christ. She will be blessed, just as she has been, for her diligence and willingness. She is amazing. She is my sister and I love her!


This week was pretty good! We thought this week was going to be a normal week but there are always things that happen. It was a good week though! We saw a lot of progress and miracles. 

Bejar Family: On Monday night we had a super awesome lesson! We had the branch president with us, President Whetten. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was a super spiritual lesson! Orfilda was super into it! She also invited her neighbor, Artisema, to come listen too! Artisema brought her 3 kids to listen too but the youngest started acting up so she, the little one, and the middle girl left. Kerenia is the oldest of Artisema's kids, she is 8 years old, and is so smart! We asked about the creation and Adam and Eve and she said, "God asked Jesus Christ to create the earth. God put Adam and Eve in the garden but the ate the fruit and had to leave." Needless to say we had to pick our jaws up from off the floor. Orfilda felt the Spirit super strong and loved the whole lesson! We asked Kerenia about the spirit world and she responded, "After we die we go to a paradise where all the children can play with animals." We almost pulled a King Lamoni but we retained our consciousness. We really want to know where she learned this stuff! Alma 32:23 "And now, he imparteth his word by angels unto men, yea, not only men but women also. Now this is not all; little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned." It was a great lesson! Orfilda and Kerenia loved it!

Zone Meeting: On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. We got to drive down to Sierra Vista. We had trainings from our Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, a companionship of sisters, and us! We got to give a training together and it was super awesome! It was a summary, application, and progression of what Elder Holland taught us. We talked about the pattern of progression. To progress we need that desire to change. To get that desire we need to understand doctrine and feel good. For investigators, understanding doctrine and feeling comes when we teach by the Spirit. For us, understanding doctrine and feeling good comes as we learn by the Spirit. 

Exchanges: After the meeting we had exchanges with Elder Chiñas and Cook, the Douglas Elders. Elder Crofts went to Douglas with Elder Cook and I was with Elder Chiñas once again! It was a good exchange and it ended in service. 

Moving Crew: At the end of our exchange, before meeting at the halfway point, we helped a member move. It wasn't very organized. We were moving her back to her original home which was close to the rendezvous with the Douglas Elders so it was going to work out perfect. There was supposed to be a trailer but it was not functional so we were doing loads in minivans. A fridge and stove needed to be moved along with a queen size bed and a big bed frame. In the end, we had the fridge standing up in our truck as we followed members from our ward who had the stove in the back of their Honda Odyssey. It was a very windy day driving with a fridge in the bed of a truck! It was good though! We got there safely and had no problems! We unloaded and installed the appliances. We left to go meet up with the other Elders to exchange back. Right as we left the woman's house, on a dirt road, our tire blew out! Luckily it didn't happen while we had the fridge. We changed it quickly and got back on our way to exchange back just a few (actually not a few) hours later than we had planned. On Saturday morning we got new front tires. The left one was the one that blew and the right one had super low tread and needed to be replaced. 

Chris: Chris is still awesome! We had 2 lessons with him and he is progressing well! He loves learning more! We are having to use more scriptures from the bible to teach him. It is expanding our knowledge of the bible. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and finding the links between it and the bible. 

I hope you all had a great week! This transfers has probably been my best and it has flown by way too fast! Elder Crofts and I are trying to do everything we can to stay together for another. I hope all the mothers had a great Mother's Day and that all the children celebrated their mothers! 

Elder Dallin Baker

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