Tuesday, April 26, 2016

D&C 31:7

Hey guys! Super good week out here in Willcox! Not that numbers matter, but we have been killing it with numbers too! 

D&C 31:7: So in my studies this week I was reading through the Doctrine and Covenants, holy scripture comprised of revelations given to Joseph Smith. I came across this scripture and I think it applies perfectly to how things are going here for us in Willcox! It says, "Yea, I will open the hearts of the people, and they will receive you. And I will establish a church by your hand." Over the past 3 weeks here in Willcox I have seen many people with open hearts be placed in our path. We just need to help them take part in the gospel. 

Snakes: Snake season has begun, I ran one over the other day and it slithered away. I won't get bitten, I promise, because the only way I am getting within 20 yards is if it is dead for sure. 

Casey: He is a cool guy. We were put in contact with him by the Sister missionaries here in Willcox. He has been struggling with some addictions, hit rock bottom, and wants to change. We are helping him. So far it is going pretty well and he is going to go to the addiction recovery classes. 

Fiesta: Man am I fat now!!! So on Friday we had a fiesta for the Spanish branch. We did Carne Asada. It is thin sliced steak, grilled, then with salsa, frijoles, guacamole, and a nice warm flour tortilla. I love carne asada!!! I ate so much I was about to explode! But the great thing was that there were a ton of nonmembers there! We showed a church video and everyone loved it. 

Contacting/Finding: We have been doing a ton of knocking, finding, tracting, and contacting! Just finding ways for us to find more people to teach. It has been a ton of fun! We have met some interesting people and have seen some interesting things. We live in this little area called Perras Flacas, or skinny dogs, it is an area 12 miles outside of town. It is a dirt road trailer park with tons of people that speak Spanish. We live in the guest house of a member that has a little ranch out here. Yesterday, Sunday, we were walking around and we saw the burt skull of a Javelina, a wild boar warthog type thing. It was cool! Picture included below. 

Talk: So yesterday I gave a talk in the Spanish branch and it went really well! I was totally comfortable and I received some nice compliments. I spoke on the importance of the sacrament and how we can better understand it. How we make promises to always remember Christ, to take his name upon us, and to keep the commandments. And how Christ promises to bless us with the Spirit. 

Jorge: So he is permanently in South Carolina now. He got a ride from someone else that lives here in Perras Flacas. Our cholo has left us and now all that remains is a picture below. Yes, he did drink a lot. 

Hope you have a great week! Watch out for snakes!

Elder Dallin Baker

1. Javelina skull
2. Our little house on the ranch
3. The snake just before running it over
4. Jorge's mark on Perras Flacas
Video: Talking with goats

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