Monday, April 4, 2016

"Hello Coke? This is Pepsi."

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Easter!

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. That he was born, he lived a perfect life, was baptized to fulfill the commandment of the Father, that He established his church, and performed the Atonement. The Atonement is His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane for our pains, sicknesses, and sins, His suffering and death on the cross, and His resurrection. He rose that all men may rise again! He lives who once was dead! He the Lamb of God! 

This week was pretty interesting. 

Witness: So we were knocking on a house when four high school walked down the street. We talked to them and tried to talk to them about Jesus Christ. Three were polite and not interested. There was one that wanted to be funny and said, "I'm a Goku Witness." For those of you that don't know, Goku is a character from an old anime show that I never watched. But I knew it was a character from the show Dragon Ball Z. When he said that, I gave him this look like "Are you kidding me? How old are you?" I just held the look for a second then he just laughed and turned back. Elder Chiñas and I had a good laugh when we got back in the car. He explained more about the show too. 

Adrian: So we met him like a month ago and we haven't been able to have a lesson with him. We went one more time and we were planning on dropping him. He answered the door and we had a little conversation then Elder Chiñas started teaching while we were at the door and I picked up and we started teaching the Restoration. Then I suggested that we sit down at his porch to talk more. We taught him the whole Restoration! A little mixed up but we committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! What was really cool was during the lesson it was really windy but when I shared the First Vision, where Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, the wind stopped completely!! 

Rene: We had a good lesson with him reading in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 31. He had questions about the chapter and some that related to the Plan of Salvation. We answered them then we talked about baptism. He knows that baptism is a good step but he said that he has already been baptized. So we taught him about priesthood authority and then committed him to pray bout baptism. He is a good kid, he wants to change, and he loves reading the Book of Mormon. 

Eugenio: So this week we had really good lessons with Eugenio but he didn't come to church! We talked to him about baptism and we set up a schedule and how we will need to review before he get baptized. The funny part was when he showed us this old phone. It was a decoration phone that actually works! It looks like an old Pepsi can. He held it up to his ear and said, "Hello Coke? This is Pepsi. How are you?" We died laughing. 

Service: We had a fair amount of service this week! On Thursday morning we helped Brother Innes with the house that he is selling. I was the tallest there so I helped install the outdoor light fixture. Then Brother Innes and I went up to the flat roof to paint on the seal paint stuff. It was fun! Then later we went to the Huish's house and helped in their backyard. They moved in and the house had been vacant for a while so the backyard was unkept. So we had a great time weeding, raking, and pulling down a dead tree. It was more like a big bush. It was about 8 feet tall and on this wooden garden lattice. The dead bush was wrapped all throughout the lattice. I had an idea. I got some rope, wrapped it around the whole bush and lattice about waist high, tied it, and gave it a good pull! It worked great! I then dragged it to the big trash pile then I went hard on the roots and stump with a pick. My back was sore the next day. Then on Saturday, after cleaning the church, we went and helped Bishop Velasco in his yard. He had a small tree that he wanted removed too, but it was alive. The trunk was about 7 feet tall with long, tall branches. We sawed off the branches and then we got an ax. I guess I was too strong, the ac was of poor quality, or a combination of both but after taking a couple good whacks at the trunk we notice there were some big chips and chunks out of the blade! So we stopped there for the day. 

Funeral: 3rd funeral in the mission. This one was actually in the church building! It was nice. I didn't have to speak or sing this time. 

Have a great week! This may be my last week in Douglas! I will find out this Friday! 

Elder Dallin Baker

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