Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dream Team, Farm House, and Stitches

So I am in Willcox, AZ! It is a small farming town off the interstate. Elder crofts is great! We are getting along super well! We are both very experienced and ready to work hard and make things happen this transfer! We are the dream team! We were companions in the MTC and now we are together again! We both have grown so much!

Jorge: Totally different type of person than Eugenio. He speaks a ton of slang Spanish but he is chill. He is just starting to take the lessons and he is progressing really well!

Farm House: So we live 30 minutes outside of "town", the small farming community of Willcox, in an area called Perras Flacas (Skinny Dogs). We live in a little house on a Brother Davis' property. He built it to house missionaries. It is a nice little cottage, very simple, and it has a great view! I am starting to get in touch with my farmer and cowboy heritage.

Stitches: Speaking of heritage, I still have some learning to do. I have never worked with tin roof or large sheets of metal, but now I know to always use gloves. So Tuesday morning, I arrived in Willcox and we had a service activity set for 4pm. We got in our service clothes and went to help someone put tin roof on their mother's house. Key part, we both had gloves in our back pockets. We lifted one piece up successfully and went for the second. The wind blew and we lost balance of the second piece and it sliced my hand at the base of the thumb. I didn't think it was too bad at first but then it was bleeding a ton and it wasn't stopping! I started to get light headed but then we got in the truck and went to a members house, the husband is a doctor. Dr. Bushman is super cool, they love the missionaries and house the Sisters here, but he wasn't feeling well and didn't have all the stuff for stitches. He suggested we go to the ER. We go, I get on a bed immediately and they start gathering my information. They didn't really get the whole "I'm from out of town" thing. So it was a nice procedure. The nurse practitioner was really friendly. At one point during the stitches my vision started closing up. I asked for water and they were talking vaguely and discreetly about my heart rate. They lowered me back so I was laying flat and I closed my eyes. I didn't pass out but my heart rate got to like 45 bpm and I was green. I got back to normal, my heart rate was good, and then she finished. They didn't have to clean the cut as much as when I got cut on ankle by the boat propeller. So my first day in Willcox and I get to spend an hour and a half in the hospital and get 4 stitches and a tetanus shot.

Willcox: So this place is pretty cool! Its a small cowboy farm town on the interstate. There are 2 English wards and a Spanish branch.

The Work: It is a exploding here! We are finding a bunch of people! It is so cool because we are both super experienced and we both love to speak Spanish! We are seeing blessings from our faith and desires.

I hope you guys have a great week! Be safe! Wear gloves when you work with sheet metal!

Let me know if you want to see more pictures of the stitches and injury. I will not send them in this email for the sake of those that may be squeamish.

Elder Dallin Baker

1. Hospital visit
2. The Ranch

3. The view from my desk

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