Monday, April 4, 2016

Adam and Steve

So this week was a little slow because of Spring Break but it went by fast too! We worked hard and had some great lessons! Also, while I was typing this up, my iPad froze and lost the draft so I have to start all over... 

Ward List: Last Sunday we were given an assignment to clean up the ward list according to a sheet of specific people that needed their information updated. So it has been pretty fun trying to find all these people. It has a ton of finding potential! As we try to find these members we can see if they want to come back to church and we can teach them. We and also see if their neighbors are interested, or if the original member family moved, we can see if the new residents are interested. It is really good for finding. Better than picking a street and knocking the whole thing. 

Eugenio: Funniest guy alive! So he only speaks Spanish and it is fun to have a Spanish-only investigator. So on Tuesday we showed him the Easter video. We talked about how we can follow Christ and find new life NOW. The way to find new life now is through baptism. We talked about that then invited him to be baptized on April 30. He accepted! He then grabbed the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and said, "I was reading this the other day and now I know and understand that we lived as spirits with our Heavenly Father before we came here to earth. I know we are here to receive bodies and be tested." He was giving his testimony! He had a personal spiritual, testimony building experience outside of our lesson! It was awesome! We left him to read the Law of Chastity pamphlet. So we come back on Thursday and ask him if he read the pamphlet, he had read the whole thing, so we asked what he had learned. He said, "I totally agree with the no homosexual relationships thing. In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, man and woman, not Adam and Steve." We died laughing! Just the way he said it in Spanish. We then followed up a bit more on the law of chastity. Then we taught him about baptism and confirmation on Saturday. After teaching him about conformation, he asked if the laying on of hands is the same as giving a blessing. It was cool making that connection with the laying on of hands and confirmation.

Rene:  So we went to see Rene and we chatted with him for a bit before our message. He said he had read a chapter in the Book of Mormon about missionaries. He read Mosiah 28 but he did not understand fully. In our last lesson we invited him to pray each time he reads the Book of Mormon. He has been praying and has been understanding a lot more but it was cool to see that he read from the Book of Mormon by his own free will and choice. 

Alex: He is an less active young man in the ward and we have only taught him once since I have been here. We tried seeing him Saturday but he was making excuses, but we convinced him to sit down and we were able to share a message. So we taught him about the Restoration and he had good questions. He asked how to recognize the spirit when it gives us answers. He also has a ninja cat! 

I hope you all have a great week and stay safe during this Spring Break season!

Elder Dallin Baker

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