Friday, April 1, 2016

March Begins

So for the month of March our mission has a challenge to teach the Restoration lesson at least once each day. So we should finish with at least 31 but our goal is to do more! We are ahead a good bit and we are trying to teach it as much as possible. 

This week was pretty good! It was another tough week but I learn more from the tough weeks. 

Jose: So Jose is a less active that we are focusing on now. He is really cool. He understands everything and loves reading from the Book of Mormon when we are with him. He is, however, a man of few words. He came to church though! That is a very important step in returning to full activity is to come to church. 

Exchanges: I spent Tuesday with Elder Ruiz in Sierra Vista! It was really good! We were packed the whole day with lessons and it was super good! We had great lessons with some less actives, a man that left the church but wants to return, and a new investigator. We topped the night off with a member taking us to Golden Corral and a little service project. I ate SOOOO much at Golden Corral!!! I haven't been there in over a year! Elder Ruiz is super good and I learned a lot from his area and his experience!

Thursday Adventures: So this adventure consists of Spanish class, food, more food, and the Treanor family. So we found out that Brother Treanor is really good at Spanish grammar so we asked him if he would teach a little class for us and the Sisters. It was effective and funny! He is super awesome! Then the Sisters had to leave because a member in Bisbee was taking them to a local hotdog place. Brother Treanor really likes that place too so he took me and Elder ChiƱas there for lunch! He works for Border Patrol and we got to hear some of his stories. Then he asked if we had a dinner that night. We didn't. So he called his wife and then set up to get us Pizza Hut pizzas later! It was so good! They are an awesome little family and we love them! Not just because they give us food. 

Norma: On Thursday we had a lesson with Norma. She is returning to activity too. We had a lesson with her where we started off talking about the Plan of Salvation. It quickly went all over the map! We started talking about agency, temples, eternal marriage, patriarchal blessings, and priesthood. Well not too far off but not what we expected. It was really good because as we bore testimony she recognized the Spirit. We knew that partly because she told us. It was a really good lesson for her! We just need her to pray more, read the Book of Mormon, and come to church! 

Hope you all have a great week! Remember that at the end of the month is Easter! The day we celebrate, more than any other day, the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Elder Dallin Baker

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