Thursday, April 7, 2016

Leaving Douglas

This week was a good week!

So we got transfer calls on Saturday... I am going to Willcox to be companions with my MTC companion, Elder Crofts! I am super excited and I feel really good about it. I am sad to leave Douglas but I am excited for Willcox! It is a bilingual area so we teach who we find. The congregation is bigger than Douglas. There is an English congregation separate from a Spanish congregation. It will be super awesome!

Eugenio: I am going to miss this dude! First off, his joke from one of our lessons. Elder Chiñas is sick and has a cough and he coughed at the beginning of our lesson. Eugenio immediately responded with, "Have you been smoking?!" Elder Chiñas and I died laughing and it caused him to cough more. I explained that he was sick and had a cough but it was super funny! Anyway, he is progressing really well! Everything we teach him clicks. Everyday his desire to be baptized grows stronger. He came to the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference but had to leave near the middle because he had to pick up his daughter. He loved it though!

Elizabeth: So she is the girlfriend of a less active. We lost contact with them both but we regained contact once again! She loves the Book of Mormon and knows it is true. Mario is a good support in lessons but they need to apply these things outside the lessons. They especially need to come to church! We reviewed the Restoration and Elizabeth knows that the Church is true. They in another lesson we read 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon. It is the chapter where the resurrected Christ appears to the inhabitants of the American continent. He teaches them his gospel and calls local leaders with priesthood authority. He heals those with needs and blesses the little children. If you want to feel more of God's love, read this chapter!

General Conference: I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! My all-time favorite talk from this conference was the talk from Elder Gerrit W. Gong. He talked about ways we can always remember Christ. It was an answer to my question and prayers! I also loved the talk about fathers by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. The talk about the divine role of men by President Russell M. Nelson. The talk on being a leader, as well as a follower, by Elder Stephen W Owen. It was such a good, powerful conference. I can't wait to study and apply these talks and counsel.

Goodbye: So I have been saying goodbye to the great people here in Douglas. The people at the food bank were so sad that they threw a little party and bought me a cake!

I hope you guys enjoyed Conference! Have a great week! If you missed it, or are interested to know what God's prophet on the earth, a modern Moses or Adam or Noah, said in this meeting, go to

Have a great week! Thank you for the letters I have received! I am doing my best to get responses written!!!

Elder Dallin Baker

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1. Food bank party
2. Eugenio
3. Bishop Velasco and family
4. Barallardos family

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