Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Return of the J

SO this week was really crazy! I will go day by day.

Monday: P-day! I was really tired so I relaxed instead of playing sports.

Tuesday: Viki! So we found Viki because she is friends with a member named Veronica! Veronica introduced us and sat in on the lesson! It went really well! Veronica told us later in the week that Viki said, "I want to get baptized." HOLY FREAKIN' COW!!!!

Wednesday: We were able to see Gloria again! She said that she wants to come closer to Christ and wants to come to church but won’t accept baptism yet because she doesn’t want to accept and then flake out at the last second. She said that she isn’t sure at the moment. She will progress, we just need to work with her a little more. We were also finally able to get in contact with the Reyes family, they are less active. We will now be making more contact with them.

Thursday: Regular interview with President Passey. It was really good! He says I am doing really well and that he is proud of me. From what he was saying, and what I was understanding, he has some good plans for me. We also contacted a potential, Manuel. He is old and teaches at a Catholic church. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon. He said that he received a BOM years ago but can’t find it! He always wanted to read it though!!!

Friday: We tried to contact a potential named Olivia but she was busy so we helped her son fix his bike for a bit! Then later that night we met with Hna Luna, a less active. We invited her to church but the lesson was interrupted when an angry drunk man knocked on the door because someone, the Sister missionaries actually, parked in "His Spot." He was kind of aggressive and said he would fight us and the Sisters and blame the attack on us. He said it was his spot because it was right outside his trailer in the main road that goes through the trailer park. He said that is while he put up the stolen YIELD sign on the side of his trailer. A YIELD SIGN!!! Learn what yield means!!! We kept the sisters out of it and moved their car. All while obeying mission rules, don’t worry. We are all safe. We also received a voicemail from J saying that he read the pamphlet and half of the Book of Mormon and had questions. We prayed and felt that we should visit him.

Saturday: J really likes to talk and talked to us for 2 hours without letting us talk. We passed him off to English. We also met with Yulema! She is doing really well but has a strong faith in the Virgin Mary. She says that is why she cannot accept baptism.

Sunday: Hna Luna showed up at church and stayed the whole time!!!! It was awesome!!

I have also had a cough this week but am doing better. I realized I had not been taking my allergy medicine. My cough is going away :)

Hope all have a great week!
Elder Dallin Baker

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