Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week of Stuff

So here is my week. Sorry I dont have another amazing spiritual insight.

Tuesday: We taught this nice old lady named Ramona! Basically all her kids are members of the church so she is super prepared! Then we stopped by to see Olvaldo and Alex. They were really tired and a little distraught at the job search. We had a nice experience giving them blessings of comfort.

Wednesday: Gave my first training in District Meeting! Then later, appointments fell through and we decided to visit a potential named Juan. He opened the door and was super surprised! He sayed that one day he prayed, and asked God to show him the way. Then we knocked on the door the next day. He prayed again asking God to send the missionaries back. Then we showed up on Wednesday night! I was super cool and he really wants to change his life!

Thursday: We had a great Lesson with Lupita and Juaquina! Hna Rivera brought her granddaughter, Juaquina's cousin. (The granddaughter Carleen is a new investigator). We had a great lesson finishing the Plan of Salvation! They are progressing very well!

Friday: We went tracting and found Alvaro. He invited us right in! We taught him the Restoration but did not invite to baptism. He said he wants to be baptized in the true church of God but we didnt ask yet because he was all up on pain meds... Later we had a great Lesson with Bonnie! We really helped her overcome so challenges she is struggling with.

Saturday: The other Elders in our branch had a baptism! A member couldnt feed us so they gave us money and we went to Chipotle :)

Sunday: We had a great lesson with Lupita, Juaquina, and Carleen. Hna Rivera was our member present. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a heavy focus on Repentance and Baptism. It went really well!

Hope all is well! Sorry for the shorter letter! This week was pretty interesting and not at the same time.

Elder Dallin Baker

Pictures from our zone hike activity to talk about the Atonement with the sunrise!

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