Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ok pretty awesome week!

Monday: Andres! So he is a friend of Ovaldo and Alex. He is from Cuba. We met with him and opened with a prayer. He then went to bear his testimony on his escape from Cuba and how faith has played a major role in his life! It was so awesome! We would share scriptures with him as he spoke and he loved all the scriptures! Elder Chinas then asked him if he wanted to be baptized. He immediately said yes! I asked him why, he said that he has faith in God and Jesus Christ and wants to follow Christ's example! For some reason, May 25th sounded right in my mind. I asked if he wanted to be baptized on May 25th, he said that sounds like the perfect day to be baptized. Basically we were all on Spiritual Cloud 9 after that! He is so awesome and should be baptized very soon! Except, upon further inspection, May 25th is a Monday... We will set a new date for May 9th.

Tuesday and Thursday: We do service at the Community Food Bank for 3 hours. It reminds me of the Bishop's storehouse and it is a ton of fun!

Friday: We had an amazing Zone Conference about the Book of Mormon. We also got Driver Accountability Boxes... A "Black Box" and a "Driver Improvement Program." It yells at you if you are going to fast, driving aggressively, and other things. I have an ID card I have to login with. It is called a TIWI and is going to be church-wide for all missionaries driving vehicles. We named it Timothy Williams and our Toyota Corolla, we named her Carol. So we are with Timothy and Carol Williams.

Saturday: Great time listening to General Conference! They talked a TON about Eternal Marriage and Families! A little awkward to hear since I am a missionary for he rest of my life... We were able to meet with and teach Lupita and Juaquina again! We started teaching them lesson 4 The Commandments. We started with Church attendance, scripture study, and prayer. It went really well! They are progressing well!

Sunday: Great time listening to General Conference again! Later, we had dinner with the Cannata family! We had a great time with them! She does haircuts for missionaries. We shared a very spiritual message about Jesus Christ and his Atonement. We had dinner with he zone leaders who I am good friends with. The four of us are great friends! The message was their idea minorly adapted from a well-known story/activity. I was asked to do push-ups.

The Dinner Message: Elder P pulled out a box of Andes Mints. He first asked Elder Chinas if he wanted one. Elder Chinas took one, then asked, "Elder Baker, will you do 7 push ups for Elder Chinas?" "Yes, I love my companion," I said. He then proceeded to go around the room asking if people wanted a piece. He asked each person. Some said yes and some no. Some said thank you. Some ate it while some held it in their hand. With each person, whether they took the piece or not, I was asked to do 7 push ups. After the first 2 or 3 people some began to gasp, realizing the outcome that was soon to take place. After the first few partakers, some began to weep and cry, others began to ask if they could help me or do the push ups themselves. Elder P said that only Elder Baker can do the push ups, they cannot be modified, he must do 7 for each person, he must complete. After they first few people I started to feel pain. I was able to take off m tie, my glasses, and undo  my top button. I was still in a white shirt and slacks. I dont really work out so it was tough for me. The push ups began to be harder to do. I began to sweat and I had to do the push ups in sets of 2 or 3. It was difficult and painful. After the first 8 or so people, my arms began to start trembling. Some started to pray and give encouragement. Most were in tears. I did push ups for the adults and the children. Even the other Elders took a candy. There were 15 people, 7 push ups each. By the end it was really tough but I knew I needed to do it. After we finished I sat down. Comments were made and spiritual experiences were shared. As we were talking, we realized that 5 people had eaten dinner with us but had to leave early. I did 35 more push ups. There were many relations, comments, and spiritual insights that are too special to share in this email. However, I want to bear my testimony that I know that the Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for everything and for each one of us individually. He suffered for those that would accept, deny, and abuse his offering. I love my Savior and will try to do me best at all times to be worthy and honor his sacrifice, the Atonement. I am grateful for his suffering in the Garden, and his death on the cross, and his resurrection on the third day to give me life!

Thank you so much!

Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Thanks for sharing that "dinner experience" Dallin. Congratulations that you were able to do every single push - up. Quite a motivation, though, eh?!
    Thanks for bearing your testimony; it helped mine.
    I love you, Edwena