Monday, April 20, 2015

Sushi X2

Pretty cool week here on the Mish!

Wednesday: District meeting about the Book of Mormon. After, we all went out to a restaurant to take part in their Sushi lunch buffet. It was my first time having sushi! It was really good!

Thursday: We had an exchange! I was with Elder Acosta, he is from Ecuador. He is super cool and funny! That night, we taught Lupita and Juaquina! It was so much fun because we talked about the 10 Commandments and did the hand method to remember them. It was tough when we got to #5, Honor your father and mother. Lupita said that her neighbor said this to Juaquina, "You are breaking the 5th commandment because your father is not there and he is not part of your life so how can you honor him. You are breaking the commandments!" So Juaquina was in tears. It was really tough. I want to say that we are not punished for the actions of others! What about an orphan? It was her fathers choice to leave. She is doing well honoring her mother! We moved their date for baptism to the 2nd of May.

Friday: Sifyas! I think that is how you spell his name... But! He was a referral from like 2 months ago from some other missionaries. We were at service and he texted us. Usually we would text him but when we would want to set up an appointment he would stop responding. This time he said this, "I want to learn more! When can we meet?" We just about peed our selves... We met with him at a table in a park. He is 18 and super cool! He is super interested and has no basis of religion. He is not sure that God exists. We taught him the Restoration! He loved it! He really felt the Spirit and said he would pray about our message right when he got home! Later we were taken by a member out to dinner to get sushi! This time is was so much better! Better quality.

Saturday: Stake Conference! We had an amazing Adult Session! President and Sister Passey spoke as well as Elder Malm from the 2nd Q of the 70. He was super funny and even funnier on Sunday but he gave some great and needed guidance!

Sunday: Lupita and Juaquina came to Staake conference! It was really nice! All the messages were super amazing! The only problem, I am not use to seeing white people anymore...

Hope everyone had a super amazing week!

Elder Dallin Baker

Pic 1: Timothy Williams, TIWI, The Driver Accountability Box

Pic 2: Elder Chinas and I with Carol Williams, wife of Timothy, the Toyota Corolla

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