Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Car Wash Miracle

I will just go day by day again, it makes things easier to explain.

Monday: P-Day!! We played sports and it rained and I got soaked but it was so much fun! Later that night, after a shower and dinner, we taught Ernesto and his family. Mainly him and his wife though, the daughters were preoccupied. They are super interested and are looking for truth and peace for their family! They are super cool! We are seeing them again tonight!! I am so happy we found a family!

Tuesday: I met Antione! He is from Georgia!!! It was super cool to talk to him! He and his frined Andrew are ex-felons but they are changing their lives and selling books and magazines to build up business experience and maybe start their own business! He was super funny and was a little mad that I wasnt going to GSU because, "That's where are the girls are at!" and "Georgia raised you boy!" He wasnt happy that I am going to BYU. He was really cool and it was fun to talk to him!

Thursday: We had a great lesson with Gloria! She talked about how she doesnt want to change religions. We asked why and she gave a very basic answer, we knew it wasnt the real reason. We testified to her about the truth of the restored gospel. I then asked her to pray and ask God 2 things: 1 to take away her doubts and 2 to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We all knelt and she prayed, she asked for the 2 things then asked for other stuff like health for her family. She then paused, a solid pause. The tension and pressure built in the room. She then spoke with real intent in her words as her heart now spoke. She asked for the 2 things again. She finished and we all paused there kneeling. We stood and sat back down on the couch. After more silence as we basked in the warm embrace of the Spirit, I asked her how she felt and what her thoughts were. She then told us the real reasons why. She has guilt that she is carrying. She also longs for peace, protection, and happiness for her family. Prayer really opened her heart to unveil the true bulk of the iceburg.

Friday: We had some appointments fall through so we went to this one apartment complex to do some finding. None of us were getting a very good vibe plus there were like 5 cars total. I saw a mexican guy walking into his apartment and thought to myself, "At least we know he is home." Elder Ryum suggested we should pray. We did and felt that we should go. Elder Chinas said we should at least knock the door we parked in front of. We did. As we were waiting an undercover cop car drove by, i thought, "Probably just a little neighborhood watch thing. Just doing some rounds in the complexes." As we were getting back in the car, 6 cops dressed casual but with Police vests went to bust a house. This is at like 2 in the afternoon by the way. Guess which house it was!!! Yes! The house of the guy I saw walking back into his apartment! If we didnt stop and pray we probably would have knocked on the door and maybe been a part of that whole thing! Prayer protects!

Then we went home to pray about where we should go. We picked a few streets and decided to go. On the way we hit some traffic. As we slowed we stopped in front of a car wash. Elder Ryum turned and recognized a woman. "Lupita!" She is a former investigator! We went around and parked to talk to her. She ran right up to us and welcomed us with her big smile. She said we could me with her on Saturday night and she promised she would come to church!

Saturday: We had a great lesson with Lupita! She and her daughter Juaquina are super awesome and we covered the Restoration to see what they remembered. Elder Chinas asked if they knew these things were true. They said yes! Then we invited them both to baptism and they accepted!

Sunday: Just as promised, Lupita and Juaquina came to church! That means they are progressing towards baptism! Meaning, they are taking the right steps to get closer to Jesus Christ and make covenants, or sacred promises, with God!

I love the work I am doing! I am relying on the Lord and the Spirit to lead and guide me!


Elder Dallin Baker

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  1. Great letter Elder Baker! What great things you are learning as you do the Lord's work and help His children. Missions are awesome!