Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Area #2! Sonora Branch! And a baby! Training!

So the big news! I got transferred!
I am now in the Sonora Branch in the Tucson Stake.

Also, I have a new companion situation.
I AM TRAINING!!!! I am in a trio again. My companions are Elder Ryum (Silent R), he is from South Korea but grew up in the US and is from Maryland, and the very new missionary, Elder Chiñas, he is from Virginia, he was born in Mexico and was raised state-side.

Here are the age stats:
Me: I am entering my 4th transfer in field, and entering my 5th total, I am about 6 months old right now.
Elder Ryum: Entering #3 in field (Just finished being trained), entering his 4th total, about 4 and a half months old.
Elder Chiñas: Entering #1 in field (Trainee), entering 2nd total, about 6 weeks old.

In mission terms, I am a dad! So is Elder Ryum! And Elder Chiñas is our son!

A lot has happened since last time I wrote.

I spent a day in Nogales for an exchange. This week we had a lot of planning and stuff. It also rained for 3 days so that closed a lot of our plans for knocking doors.

So I will miss my first area but I am happy to move on to a different area! Such is the life of missionaries.

So these next few weeks will be crazy awesome since I am training! I am super excited!

Hope everyone had a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

PS: The white guy on the far right is Elder Hales. He was an AP and he is going home this transfer.

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