Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First week

So there were 4 other missionaries on my flight to Mexico, one Elder and 3 Hermanas. We had a great time and all the travel to the CCM or MTC was great! So over this past week we have built up our schedule to be the full schedule for the next 5 weeks! My companion, Elder Sam Crofts, and I have been teaching an "Investigator" but it is a member pretending! Elder Crofts and I taught the Restoration the other night and we both testified and had the Spirit with us! It was amazing!!

My companion and I have been going over the time limit every time because we both are getting really good at Spanish and we are learning all the lessons really quickly. The other night we were teaching Manuel the Investigator and he started sharing with us that his mom doesn't like it when he prays and that she doesn't like him talking to the missionaries. My companion, not understanding what he said, started saying "Perfecto!" and I could barely contain myself because I almost wanted to burst out laughing!

So my week has been amazing! It is so beautiful here! Great Mexican food for every meal and this is such a beautiful campus! It used to be a private school but now is it a Missionary Training Center. They keep it so clean and beautiful with all the flowers and it is just so awesome!

It is so amazing to be here! Everyone is so loving and supportive because the Spirit is so strong here and everyone has the same goal. I have met some really cool people just by walking around or in classes or just sitting next to them in the Devotional. I have met some missionaries that have mutual friends. I really like getting to know other missionaries!!

My companion Elder Crofts is pretty cool! He likes basketball and he is from Pleasant Grove, Utah.

I haven't really been homesick, which is nice, because as I learn and serve my companions I am strengthened. I really like it here and am learning Spanish quickly and effectively!!! So much more in so little time than in Spanish class at school!

I have this cough but I have been great. I think its just allergies so I'm starting to take my allergy medicine.

We have gym time every day and I have been playing volleyball. I have met some really cool Elders and Hermanas. One elder, Elder Mowry, played volleyball in Arizona. I asked him a ton of questions about all the happenings like weather and such in Tucson. I learned a lot of good info!!

I may be suffering from soda\candy and driving withdrawals but im surviving!

I am writing in my journal every night and loving basically every minute I have here!

So just some notes now,

I am in Branch\District 11-A

From there you can also send a letter that I can receive the next day.

From this point forward please maybe just send all hand written letters to the Arizona Mission home or I may not get it in time unless sent through the website above.

Elder Dallin Baker

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