Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WEEK 2 in the CCM! (MTC in Spanish)

This week has been very interesting! Last Wednesday we got 2 new Districts added to our branch so the District leader in my district was asked to be Zone Leader with his companion. I was asked to be the new District Leader of my district. Being the District Leader I get to check the mail everyday and I love when I see mail with my name on it!!! Thank you Mom for all the awesome notes from my cousins and other family members!! And thank you for your letter with your talk. I can receive letters and you can send me packages!!! I receive them the next day!!! Only through the website

We have classes in the morning, then lunch and gym, then classes at night. We are now teaching 2 "Investigators", they are actually our teachers. I really like it because it means that we get instant constructive criticism.

We are really bonding as a district which is good because we practically spend every day together. We have 6 companionships. 2 Elder and 1 Hermana companionship that are going to San Jose, CA. Then 2 Elder (Me and my companion and another companionship) and 1 companionship of Hermanas that are going to Tucson, AZ. We are split right down the middle!

Spanish is coming along really well! I really enjoy seeing how much I get better each day. Every Sunday we have to prepare a talk in Spanish so that we can be prepared but I was not asked to, I probably will in two weeks though. My Branch Presidency is really cool! 2 are local but one is American from Texas, he works here in Mexico City at the Embassy. He works for the FBI so it is so cool to talk to him and actually talk to someone from the FBI firsthand. I will get his contact info for the future because I want to pursue that career, at the moment.

This week has also been very wet. It can rain every day but it has rained about every other. But this place is so beautiful! It is really cool because the spirit here is amazing because everyone has the same goal and purpose and we are all able to be open and grow together!

It is so cool to see how everyone has a different background but that we all want to serve. God knows who we are and who we need to share our experiences with. I cannot wait to get to Tucson to share with the people how they can make simple changes in their life to follow Jesus Christ and be able to live with their family for eternity!

In my room there are 3 other Elders. My companion, Elder Jones, and Elder Moore. All 3 are from Utah. Elder Jones and Elder Moore are going to San Jose. They are pretty cool and it is so funny when we are all in the room together getting to know each other and becoming friends.

In gym time I love playing volleyball; I also play a little basketball. It is so much fun because the weather is either really nice or thunderstorm but its always nice during gym time. The food is good but I cant take Mexican every meal. Luckily they have nice options. 

Days are long but short at the same time. We basically do the same thing every day but it is also different every day.

Para siempre Dios este con vos (God be with you till we meet again)

Miss you and love you all,
Elder Dallin Baker

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