Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Live from Mexico it's Elder Baker's Email! Week 4

Hello all!

Hope my family is doing well with the recent loss of my Grandma Thacker. I know that she is in a better place free from the sickness and pain that plagued her in this life. She lived a good life of service, care, and love.

This past week has been so great! "Soo great!" Many friends have been made! I love playing volleyball during gym time and having fun with other missionaries.

So I made a goal! I will not buy any candy! The only candy I will eat will be the candy sent to me from family and friends!

So last week on Thursday we taught Hugo again. He told us that the missionaries did not need to give his grandpa a blessing because his grandpa died the night before. Elder Crofts and I both bore testimony and shared scriptures that his grandpa is in a better place now. I shared with him about Grandpa Thacker's death and how Grandma Thacker was to pass soon too. He was comforted and we were able to share a small message with him before time.

Ana is a totally different story! She has been very receptive and desires to be baptized. However, she drinks... We taught her Monday morning about the Word of Wisdom. The only hard part is that Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th are the days celebrating Mexico's independence. So she wanted to drink and pray about it later... We couldn't keep arguing with her so we both testified that she would know that it is right and that she would receive blessings.

Yesterday, we had a live devotional from Provo! Elder Richard G Scott spoke on prayer. It was very helpful because I am often looking for answers in my prayers and his talk taught me more about the way we receive answers.

On Saturday we taught our first TRC, Teaching Resource Center. Members and sometimes less-actives volunteer to be investigators. We taught a man that was a member but stopped going to church because his wife was always mean to him. She was always saying mean things and being disrespectful. We talked about how Charity is the pure love of Christ and that he needs to serve her. We talked about how he can serve her and talk and listen to why she feels this way. It was a great experience!

We had a great night as a district on Sunday. Some of our Hermanas were sick and wanted blessings. It was amazing to be in the circle for them. Others in our district wanted blessings of comfort. I was asked by one of our Hermanas to give her a blessing of comfort. It was an amazing experience to be a mouthpiece for God as we blessed her. That night was an experience I will not soon forget.

Otherwise life is good! Food is good most of the time but we live. I love this planned schedule thing but the CCM schedule is getting a little redundant! We have 11 more days in the CCM!!!

From this point forward please send all post to the AZ Mission home or I wont get it. If you want me to get something soon use the

So I think that is it for this week. Join us again next week!

Con amor,
Elder Dallin Baker

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