Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last week at the CCM - Week 5

This week I did have a great time though!! While the CCM experience is good, it is the same schedule every single day.

Last Wednesday, after emails, we played pelota (Ball or basketball in our spanglish slang). I have also been playing a ton of volleyball in our gym time. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!

Being the District Leader is kinda tough. Right now I am kind of like a therapist. One Elder has been having some relation issues and trouble focusing in class. Last week I was able to participate in a blessing of comfort given by his companion. It is really cool to be hear and be experiencing all this! I love helping people and talking to people so I fit in. I am also glad that my family loves me and supports me!!!

Friday there was either a small earthquake that we didnt feel at all or it was a drill. No one knows.

Saturday we taught Ana again. She has really opened up and we have seen her become so much happier!!! When we first met her she was separated from her husband because he would physically abuse her and so she lived with her 2 sons. She is so much happier now! She is giving up alcohol because she has such a great desire to be baptized!

Sunday we had a district meeting. I handed it over to the Hermanas because they have noticed a lack of respect in the classroom. Sometimes we get distracted with our conversations and start talking about things that dont matter or that arent relevant. Some Elders carry the trash talk from the basketball court into the classroom and it distracts from the Spirit. We talked about Embers and Ashes. Embers are thing from the fire of our pre-mission life that are good like family experiences and Gospel growth. Ashes are things that were good that we dont need to carry on like certain experiences with friends, aspects of relationships, and stuff like that.

This whole week I have felt the strong impression to study the scriptures more and really feast upon the words of Christ! I started a study and marking system that is working quite well, just need to work out the kinks.

Last night we had a great live devotional from the Provo MTC from Elder M. Russell Ballard. He spoke about what we should personally do on our missions. Like: staying in contact with family, setting goals, praying more earnestly, and studying and feasting on the scriptures. He also said that after our missions we should go get a ton of education! Cant wait for BYU!

Hugo, our other investigator, has been doing well but hasnt been progressing as fast as Ana. He has a desire to be clean but just needs to hear more of the gospel, fulfill commitments, and have faith.

So this is my last week!! On Monday at 3:30 AM I leave the CCM and go to the Mexico City Airport to fly to Phoenix and then down to Tucson. So no more mail to the CCM!!!

Thank you mom and dad for the awesome package!!!!

So this week I will be packing, finishing up, and saying goodbye to friends I have made here. I am going to miss all this amazing weather when I go to the furnace of America.

Please read 2 Corinthians 13:11

Con amor,
Elder Dallin Baker

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