Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bees and Blessings!

Monday: So Monday we did a sunrise hike in Spring Canyon of the Florida Mountains. We woke up at like 3:45 to start at 4. It was beautiful! Pictures will be included! It was really cool to be above the world and see the beauty. Then we did studies and laundry. We then went to Miguel's house and made cookies with him. He wanted to just buy cookie dough from the store but we made them from scratch. We then went to the church and played volleyball with other missionaries and Miguel's friends. A member took us to Subway for dinner and it was so good. We then visited a less active family that I had never met before. We will be working with them very closely as they have a lot potential to return to activity in the church. Its more than coming to church  it is following Christ and progressing in the gospel. We had a nice talk with the bee guy from Sunday as he sat on his porch. I was getting a little frustrated though. He seems pretty interested and has a good religious foundation. No bees at this lesson. 

Tuesday: We were super tired! We had an 8am lesson with Señor Bee and read the Bible with him. We left him with a Book of Mormon to read a chapter that went hand in hand with the chapter we read from the Bible. We then did studies and then tried to visit Alfredo but he was busy so we did our language study. We had some appointments fall through after but we were able to meet with Oscar, Alfredo at a later time, and Arturo. Arturo doesn't know how to read so we read him the Book of Mormon. We then had a great dinner with the Nicoll family from the branch, they are white but they speak Spanish. We somehow started talking about how both Hno. Nicoll and Sis. Hubert both had raccoons as pets. She said, "They were nice to me but really mean to everyone else. So we kind of had to shoot them." Elder Elton did a spit-take and I had just taken a huge bite of food. After we regained our composure, I asked her what they had named the raccoon. She then said, "Shoty." I just about died. That name was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of or prayed for! I had a feeling it had an ironic name. It was sooo funny! It was a good healthy laugh time. We then had a great lesson with a less active family. They are doing well and are going to be coming back to church more! Then we met with a guy named Christian. We met him while knocking the other day and were able to set up an appointment. He is good friends with a ton of members. He gave us a ride so that we could have a lesson at the church building. It went so well! He had some doubts on things. We had a great lesson on the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can be free from sin and how to have the power of God with us. 

Wednesday: We did studies then had district meeting. It went well and we learned more about sharing our testimonies. We had a nice lunch then we drove down to Columbus. We visited with Elva again. We sat outside and her dogs are always fun! We are always happy that we have a lint roller in the car to clean up all the fur. We then had the 45 min drive back up to Deming. We visited with Arturo but he dropped us and will no longer be able to meet with us. We had a great dinner at the church building after a member brought it and put it in the fridge. We then went to pass out flyers for our soccer activity and then we visited Señor Victor, the bee man. We had a nice lesson with him and he has been reading from the Book of Mormon! We were so happy! 

Thursday: We did studies the drove to Tucson. It was a nice drive and I did a baptismal interview on the way there. It was a nice drive and I drove most of it. We met up with some missionaries in the Sahuaro area and had some lunch. We then helped out the South Zone Zone Leaders by going on splits. Elder Elton went with Elder Oviedo and I was with Elder Gonzalez. He and I went to help a companionship on splits. I was with Elder Teio again for an hour! We taught a great lesson and it was good to be with him again before he leaves. Elder Oviedo, Gonzalez, Elton, and I then had dinner with Hermana Cannata. It was a great dinner! We spent the night with Elder Oviedo and Gonzalez. 

Friday: We got breakfast at Jamba Juice then went to MLC. It was a great meeting and we had a great time! It was really good to hear all the trainings. We really needed all the trainings. We reviewed some points from the half mission conference. After the meeting we drove back and got back to Deming at like 9pm. 

Saturday: We had a great time at the 4th of July pancake breakfast. We then went home and did weekly planning. We were about halfway done but then we went to help some other Elders with their weekly planning. We planned with them and trained them on the correct method of planning. Then we had a lesson with Alfredo and taught him the Restoration. We gave him a blessing because he is having some problems with his heart. Then, went to a member's house to give her a blessing. The Sisters asked us if we could give her a blessings. Sonia asked me to give it. It was a very special experience for me because as I was about to finish I was powerfully prompted to say more. It was so special. After the blessing, I expressed what I felt so that she would understand more the importance of that part of the blessings. We then had dinner with the Quintana family. I haven't had pizza in forever! We then were invited to a member's house. We played soccer outside for a minute with the kids and some adults then they did fireworks. We returned home at the usual 9pm.

Sunday: It was great! We did studies then went to church. Most of the people were out of town so it was pretty light. We were asked last minute to teach the Priesthood lesson and so we chose our favorite lesson, The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well! After church, we returned home to do some planning. As we were leaving to go to dinner, I locked the keys in the apartment. I could not get a gift card around the door to open it so we went to the back of our apartment. We have a sliding glass door. The lock is broken but we have a cut broom handle to prevent anyone from entering. After to force, strength, and brains I was able to push the door on top of the stick to be able to slide into the apartment. I am glad I am skinny. After dinner, we had a lesson with Señor Victor. He had the bees in the house feeding on soda in plates! There were so many bees! We had a good lesson, despite the possible danger. After, we went and visited a less active family and had a great lesson with the as we read from the Book of Mormon and discussed it. 

Hope you all had a great 4th! Have a great week!

Elder Dallin Baker

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