Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It Hurts to be White

Sorry, this one is a bit shorter. 

Tuesday: Today was Pday and we did all the usual. Then, as a district of 8 missionaries, we went and played mini-golf! It was a ton of fun! We then had a great dinner and message with a member family. I translated the hymn, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" from English to Spanish. It turned out pretty well! We went to the building to help out with the little Deming Institute class. Then we drove towards Silver City to do and exchange. 

Wednesday: I had Elder Davies with me. He is super cool and a great missionary! We did studies then had a couple appointments fall through. We were able to meet with our back up plans though! We then spent some time knocking doors in the hot sun! It was nice but hot. We then met with Oscar and read the Book of Mormon with him. We had a great dinner snd then drove to a midpoint between Silver City and Deming to exchange back. I drove up 30 mins, back 30 mins to Deming, then 1 hour to Lordsburg, and then 40 mins to Duncan! I was tired...

Thursday: I spent the day on an exchange in Duncan, Arizona. We visited a ton of people! It was really nice and I was able to learn a lot of wisdom from Elder Taylor. We had many great lessons then exchanged back after dinner. We met up in Lordsburg and Elder Elton drove home. I drove all day on Thursday since Elder Taylor can't drive. 

Friday: Oh boy. Today we did our weekly planning. It was a really good experience as we were able to set goals and make plans for the work in our area. We were also able to ponder and pray about what our investigators need. We did that up until dinner. After dinner, we went and visited an apartment complex. We met this guy named Angel and taught him a little in the parking lot. We tried visiting some other people then went to visit an investigator, Arturo. He is quite old. We were able to sit down with him and have a very powerful lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was very strong and we could tell that he could feel it. He accepted a Book of Mormon. We also talked about baptism for the remission of sins. He said he would like that. We also talked about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, basically the power of God, and he would like that too. Really everyone in this life wants those 2 things, a remission of their sins and the power of God. Then, if we receive those things and remain faithful and keep the commandment, we will receive eternal life in the world to come. Back to Arturo. We invited him to baptism and he accepted! We will continue working with him in preparation for this amazing change that is going to happen in his life. As said in the scriptures, the Bible and Book of Mormon, baptism is the gate to the path of following Jesus Christ. 

Saturday: Today was pretty busy! We had studies then we went and got Miguel to come to a lesson with hs us but the guy wasn't home. Miguel wasn't the happiest camper because he had just woken up... At 10:30am. We then had lunch and went to visit someone at the local detention center. It was good to catch up with him. It was so cool too! It was the window-with-the-phone thing! Just like on TV! Hahaha. We then went and made flyers for the soccer activity we are doing. We visited a less active family with a member of the branch then went to dinner. We always have dinners with the Sisters. So 4 missionaries eating with a family. The Sisters were on exchanges and it was an English missionary. She understood a lot but there were some really funny moments of miscommunication. We had a nice appointment with this nice old lady but she didn't seem very interested. We were able to visit a less active man and read the Book of Mormon with him. We then went to contact a few people on an apartment complex. We stopped by a potential and she and her son let us in! She was making tortillas and gave us fresh hot ones with butter on top! She gave me 3 and a quesadilla! Her son said to put some sugar in it and it was so good! We then taught her and her son the lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well! They are moving to Phoenix however. 

Sunday: No more Columbus Group so we were able to do studies. We then tried to visit as many people as we could to invite them to church. We visited Daniel and Maneli. Daniel had kidney stones this week. The stories were so funny! So he was in the hospital and Maneli was making jokes the whole time. Daniel was really pale. He then said, "get them out! It hurts to be white!" It was so funny! None of them came. Church was still good! We, along with the Sisters, taught the youth. We talked about Priesthood, the power of God given to man, and how it helps us in our lives. We visited Oscar then had dinner with a member. We sang the hymn I translated. We then went finding in a trailer park. We walked up to a trailer, it looked like a swarm of flies but it turned out to be a swarm of bees flying freely throughout the trailer. A man was inside and we talked with him as he poured soda into a plate for the bees. He was very interesting. He seems interested and we will begin teaching him but we will have our lessons outside. We then had a missionary coordination meeting. 

Thats it for this week! We did a fun Pday activity this week but you will have to find out next Monday! Hope you all had a great week! 

Elder Dallin Baker

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