Sunday, August 16, 2015


This week was pretty good! We had a lot of good lessons. So since I am a Spanish missionary and I spent 6 weeks in the MTC, I follow exactly on transfers. So the transfer day is on Aug 2 and I will be going home Aug 3, 2016. So that willl be before my actual 2-year mark of Aug 20th, 2016. So from now on, so there is no confusion, my "anniversary" is on the 3rd of every month. So I hit my year mark on Monday Aug 3!

Monday: So we did studies then had a good Pday playing sports. We also cleaned the apartment. Then we had dinner with the Renteria family. We then went to the Quintana's house to watch Meet the Mormons. It was the prize because Oscar, a less active young man we have been working with read the book of Mormon 10 days in a row! Year mark!

Tuesday: We did more painting at the Healing House. It is looking really good and we are pretty good painters. We then had an appointment that fell through but we were able to visit a less active woman that we met while walking. We then gave her a blessing because she was ill. We then went home and planned for the zone meeting we are having on Wednesday. We had a great dinner with the Quintana family then a meeting with the Silver City New Mexico Stake Presidency. We were able to talk about all the goals we have and how we can better work together as members and missionaries. We then had a lesson with Teresa. She recently lost a close family member so it was really nice that we were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was really there as we testified of the Atonement and the importance of Jesus Christ. We finished the evening with a meeting with our branch missionary leader.

Wednesday: Today we had some studies then we had our zone meeting. It went really well and we use bowling as an example of inviting to baptism and setting a baptismal date. We then had an exchange and I stayed in Deming. We visited the Castro family then had dinner with the other Renteria family. It went really well and we sang a song for them. I love how music invites the Spirit. We had a good lesson with Daniel and Maneli about Family Responsibilities. Then we tried to visit some less actives before we had to turn in for the night.

Thursday: Studies the a great lesson with Alfredo. I am so happy with how he is putting so much in to coming back to church! We then met with Oscar. We are really happy to see the progress he is making too! We are working to get them both reactivated this month. We exchanged back. We drove up to Silver City to do so and we encountered a flying rock that left a nasty crack that grew on our windshield. We are getting it replaced soon. We then had dinner with the Renteria family. We then had our soccer activity and Oscar and the Hermanas showed up. we are going to have to rethink this...

Friday: Weekly planning... Took a long time... Then dinner with Hermana Torrez. We then drove down to Columbus and visited with the Montes and Martinez families.

Saturday: Miguel came on us with a lesson but it fell through so we had a lesson with him. We then finished studies. All our appointments fell through! Partly because like all the branch was at the Temple today... We were able to have a great lesson with Daniel and Maneli. Then we went with Kiko and Andrew, two young men from the branch. We did some knocking with like no success.

Sunday: Today was great! Oscar has been coming to church and he was ordained a priest! Reactivated! The rest of church was good. We visited a family before our dinner. Dinner was with the Loya family then we tried to visit Daniel and Maneli. They weren't home so we drew a message with chalk on the path up to their front door. We then visited Alfredo and gave him a blessing before his surgery tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Dallin Baker

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