Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 5: Blessing, Zone Conference, Bike Day, Exchanges, Interview, Duck Races, Sick Day

This week was insane! We did so much this week! So much stuff happened but we really need to find more people to teach... If you guys could, please pray that we will be able to find people ready to accept and act on our message. That would be amazing!

Monday: Pday and we did our studies then got a call from Hno Baca, Hno Martinez' son-in-law. We needed to go over and give a blessing. Hno Martinez is 91 and getting pretty close to, you know, "tirar la pata." So we got ready. We felt like firemen suiting up to go to the scene, only no fire, no firetruck, no pole to slide down, but the emergency was still there. It was not a time to fight a fire, but to use the Priesthood to give a blessing. I was asked to give the blessing to Hno Martinez. It was a very special experience that I will hold very dear to my heart. I said what I felt I was inspired and directed to say, I did so as tears filled my eyes. We then gave blessings of comfort to Hno and Hna Baca. It was a special time as the Spirit of God was present and filled the room, blending with the emotion of love for Hno Martinez and the urgent circumstances surrounding our reason for coming. We then returned to our plans and after dinner with a member we visited Christian and Alex, young adults and brother from the branch.

Tuesday: We finished getting ready then drove to Safford Arizona. We had a nice zone conference. We were trained on some very important and well timed subjects by President and Sister Passey and the Assistants. It was very good and I learned a lot about using the scriptures and receiving answers to prayers. We had a nice lunch, received more trained, then finished the meeting. We then drove back to Deming only we did exchanges. Elder Elton went to Duncan Arizona. We were taken out to dinner by a member once we got to Deming. After we stopped by the church because the Sister's investigator was getting an interview. We then went home and made preparations for the next day.

Wednesday: the preparations last night consisted of acquiring bikes to be used for today. We were hit by a rock 2 weeks ago and today was the day to get the windshield replaced. So Elder Kapele and I biked for the day! It was the first time biking on my mission! We had some good lessons with Alfredo and Christian. We then got the truck back and drove to a halfway point in Lordsburg to exchange back. We then drove back, had dinner at home, a little lesson with the Castro family, then had to drive to a halfway point in between Deming and Silver City to do another exchange. I went up to Silver City.

Thursday: A member took us out to breakfast then we did service at a local food pantry/charity thrift store. Then we had a good lesson with an investigator about coming to church and praying. We then searched for referrals. Then, we went to the stake center so that I could interview a baptismal candidate. He did very well and its amazing to know how much he has changed. It was a longer interview, about an hour and a half. He likes to talk. Then we drove back to the halfway point to exchange back. We changed and went to the church to prepare for the baptism of the Sister's investigator Ramon. It went really well! Sister Hubert and I sang an arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It all went well and the treats afterword were delicious. Mostly because it was basically our dinner.

Friday: Since we had the zone conference on Tuesday, we did service at the women's shelter this morning. We did some more painting! We then finished studies and did weekly planning until dinner with Hna Torres. Right before dinner I had to reinstall the Tiwi thing to the windshield. It was quite the process and it was fun! All is well now. After dinner, we drove down to Columbus and visited with Hna Camarena and the Martinez family. Both lessons went well then we returned home.

Saturday: We did our studies then went to the Deming Great American Duck Race event. We tried contacting people there. So it is a Deming thing where they do dry and wet duck races. Every town in New Mexico has their "thing". The Duck Race is that of Deming. While there, we found some cool masks :) We talked with a few people and handed out some cards. We would have had a table but it would have been $75 and the lady at the city office was very rude... But we were able to talk to a good number off people. We saw this family that we contacted a few weeks ago and they took us to lunch! It was a BBQ at the Methodist Church. It was really nice to talk with them and they seem pretty interested! Just, they would be for the English Elders. We then went home because Elder Elton started feeling sick. We stayed in the rest of the day. As usual, when a companion is sick, I clean. So I cleaned the kitchen and it looks awesome!

Sunday: We stayed home again today except for when we went to church for an hour for the Sacrament. It is kind of tough to stay in all day but it is so Elder Elton can get better.

Hope you all have a great week! For all of you starting college, good luck!
Please pray that we can find those ready to be taught.


Elder Dallin Baker

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