Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jose & Sunny Days

Hey guys!
So this week has been hectic but awesome! Opening an area is tough and it just got a little better, but also maybe a little harder. One of the missionaries serving in the branch had to go home and his comp has been in the branch for about 7 months. He is now being sent to a different branch. So now the branch is back to 4 missionaries. It is me, Elder Wilstead, and the sisters. So now we are changing the proselyting area boundaries to adjust to the change. So we will now have a car but we can't use it everyday so we will also use bikes as much as we can.

Monday: For Pday we played volleyball and soccer! We had a great dinner then tried contacting some potential investigators.

Tuesday: Some yard work service, service at the food bank, then studies. We had a great lesson with Jose and taught the Plan of Salvation. It went super well and he loved it! He almost started crying. It went really well and he said that it all made sense. We had some other lessons, a great dinner, then some studies and planning.

Wednesday: We had some service then we had a great zone meeting. Elder Wilstead and I trained on how to use the Area Book Planner App. We then had lunch together then we went to take some things to the mission office. We had our car checked by the vehicle coordinator. Our car had been making some weird sounds so the said to take it to the dealership. We were at the dealership for a while as they changed our battery. We then gave a blessing for an investigator of the Sisters. We then had a lesson with Jose and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went super well and he is super committed to be baptized.

Thursday: Food bank service. We like it because they give us food :) We then had an appointment with a recent convert then we had to drive to North Tucson for a doctors appointment. We grabbed a quick dinner at Chipotle. I HAVE NOT HAD CHIPOTLE FOR ALMOST 6 MONTHS!!!!! It was awesome! While we in line, we received a phone call from Jose. He called and said that he had read the chapter that we left him to read and now he wants another chapter to read. I almost died in line. We then got back and had a meeting with the mission leader.

Friday: Today consisted of some more service then weekly planning. We then had some visits and lessons to just build up communication with people in the area. Later, we had the branch president come with us to see Jose again. It went super well! He really likes tithing and can't wait to do it and receive those blessings! It has been really cool seeing Jose progress and really attach and love the gospel!

Saturday: MEGA SERVICE! We did a huge service project with a park service group and we got Texas Roadhouse for lunch! I was also interviewed by the local news so I'm basically famous. We then had a lot visits to try and find more people to teach. We went knocking for about 2 hours. We had dinner then we did studies and I prepared my talk.

Sunday: I spoke in church again about Grace and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It went really well and I got lots of compliments. Which is really nice when you give the talk in Spanish. Later, we had a great lesson with Jose. It was really funny. It was very interesting to teach the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. There was a lot of laughing.

Jose is amazing and I cannot wait for him to take this step to change his life and break chains of habits to chart a new course.

Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Dallin Baker

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