Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Week! 4/20 - 4/27 - This Week 4/28 - 5/3

Hey! Sorry! I was on the transfer van all last emailing day!

So last Monday: I got a haircut!

Tuesday: I did a baptismal interview for a woman named Nery. She is so cool! She met the Sister Missionaries in Subway! They started talking because the sisters gave up their table for her to sit down. She started taking the lessons and she was super prepared! She is getting baptized this Saturday.

Wednesday: Great District meeting to end the transfer! We talked about the Atonement and all bore testimony of how we have seen the Atonement change our lives.

Thursday: Today we visited 4 less active members! I gave a blessing to 2 of them, in Spanish. Later, Hna Cannata, an awesome member family, took us out to a Taco restaurant! It was so good!

Friday: We went to a baptism of the blind man Mario I interviewed. I was sick this week and needed to go use the bathroom. As we were in the hallway, I got a call from President Passey. IT WAS THE TRANSFER CALL! He said I was going to be a Zone Leader with my Trainer, Elder Tyler! I have to learn quick too because Elder Tyler finishes his mission on June 9th and I will have to train a new zone leader... It will be a challenge, but I accept.

Saturday: Hna Cannata invited us over for an amazing dinner at their house! Then we went to the baptism of Nery. It was really awesome!

Sunday: One of my former investigators, Jose Angel Bustamante, got baptized on Saturday! Because Nery's baptism was that night I couldn’t go, but I got permission to go back to Sahuaro for his confirmation. Sunday morning, we got a call from the Elders in our District. They really needed a blessing. We went and gave them a blessing but missed the confirmation. We got to the Sahuaro branch right before the meeting ended. I got to see Jose Angel! He gave me a huge hug! It was so cool to see the light of the gospel shining through him.

That was last week!

Elder Dallin Baker

This week in Deming was pretty awesome!

Tuesday: I was on the van...

Wednesday: We helped out the YM and YW with an activity! It was about bearing each other's burdens. The Hermanas were in charge and it went super well!

Thursday: We did stuff in the morning but at 5 we had to drive 200 miles west back over to Tucson, AZ for MLC, Mission Leadership Council. We got to Tucson at 9pm and stayed in the AP's apartment. They are the Assistants to the President. They have a really nice place :)

Friday: MLC!!! It was so amazing! For breakfast we went to McDonald's and after we ordered a member walked up and gave us both $10 gift cards! It was sweet! In the meeting, we talked about a ton of stuff especially goals and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It is very important that we dont just go to church but that we keep the WHOLE day focused on God because it is his day. It went really long and we finished at 5pm. I drove the whole way home, and with the time change, we got home at 10pm... I was tired... We both were.

Saturday: We did a lot of service in the morning then tried to fit in weekly planning and zone meeting planning around our appointments.

Sunday: Church was great! There is a little group in a place called Columbus. It is a little village down by the boarder. There were 7 people including us there. Then we had the Florida branch at 1pm. It was really good! Then at our dinner appointment there were 2 sons, both around 10 or 12. I bonded very quickly and it ended up with me getting shot by water guns... In the house and outside the house. It was pretty funny!

This week has been really great! I have spent 3 days here in total due to our trip to Tucson. I can’t wait to spend a couple months here! It’s a cute little town!


Elder Dallin Baker

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